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  1. When I created my first app I started with this sample to get data from the database

    I assume you are retreiving data from...
  2. Check this article for paging on the SQL server

    And this sample should give you a headstart with remote paging...
  3. Only retrieve one page from the database

    Eg MS SQLServer
    For 2012 you can use OFFSET and for 2008 use RowNumber()...
  4. Please be aware that a the masterpage is actually part of the current page/content not the other way around
    This could probably lead to some issues with done as markup , I haven't tried it...
  5. Gone and I hope it's forever ;-)

    Thanks /Peter
  6. The problem is present whether I am logged in or not

    rgds /Peter
  7. The problem persists when logged out
    (Also the same when logged in again)

    - Peter
  8. Please create a new thread in the appropriate forum including a sample to reproduce/work with

    Thanks /Peter
  9. The dataindex property is hidden, you need to do a workaround like eg my buildcolumn method
    And it's not a property on the textfield object (editor) but the column object

    store.sync takes care...
  10. Use the Community Forums

    Thanks /Peter
  11. True but still it has severely broken my app as I have taken the naming convention forward into my own extended classes and functions
    Not a problem just a lot of work - looking forward running my...
  12. Ext.NET relies on the ExtJS 4.*javascript framework
    You can probably find similar changes if you compare current ExtJS with older versions

    It would be very confusing if naming were different in...
  13. The source from the download page is version 1.3
    Charts is 2.0 only

    You can get latest beta source for 2.0 at Git Hub

    hth /Peter
  14. And thank you for all your hard work and a wonderfull framework (tu)

    - Peter
  15. Minor issue Gridpanel is not "wall to wall" and when browser is resized the blank space to the right is persistent making grid very narrow

    Thanks /Peter
  16. I'll assume you need a container for the grid in when working with Razor?
    I have a viewport and a borderlayout as containers

    hth /Peter
  17. Ahh ok, never had the need other than pure interest ;-)

    rgds /Peter
  18. > Any news?

    Afaik you can get latest beta version using nuget?

    hth /Peter
  19. > Are you still able

    Yep, sorry :-|
    I have even tried on a windows 7 machine, same problem

    Have you tried on a PC not connected to the company network?
    If it could help I can send you the CSS...
  20. I have created a copy of this example

    Code behind version...
  21. Please create a new thread and describe what you have done and which error is thrown to keep the forum clean and tidy and easy for any user to search and browse - thanks

    Is it CRUD grid example...
  22. Did you install latest Newton JSON?
    Version 4.5.5 or later is required

    Looks like this requirement has changed since Beta 1

    - Peter
  23. If you haven't done any apps in MVC and also first timer with Ext.Net you're in for a ball
    Imo it's a steep learning curve for both ;-)

  24. Currently I am using store events when saving data but httphandlers to retrieve
    Our main app coded using is from 09, it's more historic reasons than anything else

    Down the road I have...
  25. Quite forgot, you can add buttons to the gridpanel

    Buttons = {
    new ext.Button()
    Text = "Refresh",
    Icon = ext.Icon.ArrowRefresh,
    OnClientClick =...
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