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  1. Hi all,

    Will you please consider these 2 subjects while developing the Ext.Net.Modern

    1. creating a common class structure for classic and mobile components
    2. using both classic and...
  2. InputMask's onKeyDown onKeyPress javascript functions gives error
    you can see it in examples page (, just enter some text on any field and see...
  3. hi @sveins12,

    i still couldnt achive to get work them together,
    i downloaded Ext.NET.MVC.4.2.0 and Ext.NET.Mobile.MVC.4.1.0,
    i created a new fresh mvc project, added references to dlls,...
  4. Hi @sveins12,

    Thanks for your answer, let me ask you some details,
    Did you faced "ItemTag validation (_tkn_1): Reference token ( was not found." error.
    Did you set...
  5. I guess i have found solution,
    i dont know why but somehow map property is null on Ext.util.AbstractMixedCollection.get method,
    i wrote an override to fix it, it seems work for now

  6. Hi all,
    TabPanel gives js error while destroying


    var X = Html.X();
  7. thanks @fabricio.murta

    it may be required that controls classes must be in seperated namespaces,
    but if at least the utility classes which used in internal process and has the same properties and...
  8. Hi all,

    I shared some extensions & bug fixes about responsive on mobile (using Ext.NET Mobile 4.1.0)
  9. Hi @fabricio.murta,
    thanks for your reply, I actually post in here to ask if there is some other solution, and also share my solition.
    Could you move this topic to User Extensions and Plug Ins,...
  10. Hi all,
    I'm not sure if there is a way to change layout according to responsive rules,
    i wrote some extension methods and override Ext.Container, i just want to share.
    if there is another way,...
  11. Hi again,
    I fixed this error with an extension method,

    public static class Extensionss
    public static void FixResponsivePlugin(this ComponentBase owner)
  12. Hi All,
    ResponsiveConfig based on fails on Ext.Net.Mobile,
    because of in generated js plugin config has ptype property (...
  13. thanks @fabricio.murta,

    ok, i will look this example,
    but the real problem is, grid doesnt show records if it is in a panel and panel's layout is VBox or HBox
  14. Hi again,
    We have used ComboBox for searching on Ext.Net, based on example
    But on mobile, there is no ComboBox,
    there is SearchField but...
  15. Hi all,
    I have used FormPanel in GridPanel's TopBar for user can select parameter values, on Ext.Net
    in Ext.Net.Mobile there is no TopBar, so i try to use panel which has VBox layout as container,...
  16. Hi all,
    I try to set DatePickerField's DateValue from view, to set a default date value
    but it gives NullReferenceException..

    @using Ext.Net.Mobile;
    @using Ext.Net.Mobile.MVC;
  17. Hi @fabricio.murta,
    Thanks for your answer and explanations.

    I realized that there are differences on Ext.Net and Ext.Net.Mobile and some of them are big differences,
    Some controls not exist on...
  18. Hi @ADV,
    could you achieve to run Ext.Net and Ext.Net.Mobile together on same project?
    we are trying on mvc project but we couldnt. i had post a topic also, ...
  19. Hi all,
    We have a Asp.Net MVC project using Ext.Net and we try to develop mobile pages using Ext.Net.Mobile on same project.
    I added Ext.Net.Mobile from Nuget to working project, and run it.
  20. Hi all,
    We are using extended controls which inherited from Ext.Net on our Asp.Net Mvc project,
    and started to build mobile pages using Ext.Net.Mobile.

    We want to extend mobile controls too, to...
  21. thanks again @fabricio.murta,
    I didnt try with mobile components, but i hope it will work too,
    Until ExtJs add ComponentLoader functionality, i can use this way.

    You can close thread
  22. I think I found a way, but i'm not sure,
    I tried to find a way using views that uses Ext.Net controls, i hope it works on Et.Net.Mobile controls too,
    I make my action as DirectMethod and return...
  23. thanks for reply @fabricio.murta

    When I saw ComponentLoader class on Ext.Net.Mobile, and couldn't find Panel's Loader, I thought maybe it could be done with a different approach.

    So how can i...
  24. Hi all,
    Thanks for impressive mobile framework,

    We started to develop our Asp.Net MVC Ext.Net project's mobile interface,
    We try to use Ext.Net and Ext.Net.Mobile together on same project, i...
  25. you can write as

    .Parameters(ps => {
    ps.Add(new StoreParameter("param1","a",ParameterMode.Value));
    ps.Add(new StoreParameter("param2","b")); // you can bypass ParameterMode param, if you...
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