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  1. Hi Danill,

    The solution is i just removed the continer(Container1) and using only one continer(Container2).

    It worked...

    Thanks for your Help...
  2. Hi Daniil

    I have attached a screen shot (IE8_standard.jpg) ie, with out compat view,
    but here it displays only Radiobuttongroup which is inside panel(pnlUNFCriteria) and a comboboxes within the...
  3. Hi

    As shown in the Attachement(DropDown1.jpg) the UI is perfect for Location DropDown when it is loaded,
    but when i move the mouse, to the arrow of location dropdown, the dropdown contols...
  4. Thank You Danill, I worked...

    Thanks a Lot :)
  5. Hi Daniil

    Yes, the initial problem was solved, but the page got changed, as which is in the attachment...
    So i got this problem.....
  6. Hi Daniil,

    I have another UI allignment Issue, Please have a look at the screen shot(UI_Issue.jpge) of the page.
    I need to fit 'field area' or a scrollable window including the 'link button' to...
  7. Hi all,

    I have attached the screen shot(UI_Allignment.jpge) of the actuall page.
    I need to display 'save cancel' bottom bar to display just above the 'Ok' bottom bar.

    Below is my code

  8. Hi all,

    when i open the application i need to show a login window to the right side and need to show static message to the left.
    Please see the attachment(Login.jpg).

    Right now i am using the...
  9. Hi all,

    I need to create a UI which is attached(UI_Design.jpg), i have also given my code which gives the simple UI design without the composite field in RadioGroup.
    1. How do i Use Composite...
  10. hi Daniil,

    Thank you very much, it worked....u can close it
  11. Hi Daniil,

    I have done the way u have suggested to do.. but no luck, it behavs the same way...

    Below is the code as u suggested.

    <nxtwc:NxtViewport ID="vpInvAdjustments" runat="server"...
  12. Hi all,

    I have a Fieldset and Gridpanel with paging the problem is when the fieldset is expanded the grid with paging fits well with viewport
    But when i collasp the fieldset, i get the gap...
  13. Hi all,

    I have a Collapsible panel in viewport, when i drag this panel above the width specifed. Toolbar does not fit.

    <ext:Viewport runat="server" Layout="BorderLayout" ID="vpIndexPage">
  14. Thank you it worked...
  15. Hi all,

    I am using Context Menu in the tree but, i am not able to see any text of the context Menu but the shadow of it.
    I am attaching the screen shot of it and My code is

  16. Hi Daniil,

    this.Url0.Value = ResourceManager.GetInstance().GetIconUrl(Icon.Accept);
    this.Url1.Value = ResourceManager.GetInstance().GetIconUrl(Icon.Add);

    How to the set the...
  17. Hi all,

    I Need to show Four ExtIcons in a column of the gridpanel using the vaue of the other column
    (ie) if i have two(Status and Value) column in the gridpanel i need to show the icon in the...
  18. Hi Daniil,

    Thank you it helped.
  19. Hi all,

    CheckColumn is not Editable when the DataIndex value is bound with the 'false' value.

    Below is my code

    public AjaxStoreResult GetDataForInvtPlanGrid()
  20. Thank You.......can close it
  21. Hi

    Need to know who to Enable and Disable a button when clicked on the treenode of the treepanel.
    what is the handler i need to use, and what is the paramenter to be passed.

  22. Hi

    Do you have a solution for the above Question. i have posted.

    Please Replay, thank you
  23. Hi

    Yes, i need to save it on server side.

    if, there is 3 rows and delete the 2nd row, in the UI it RowNumbererColumn will show me No. 1 and 2
    But the field Level in the store will show me...
  24. Hi,

    This updates the grid not the Store

    I want to update the store, which has a field Level

    which is also added to the DataIndex of RowNumbererColumn.
    <ext:RowNumbererColumn Header="Level"...
  25. Hi Daniil

    My Delete and Add functions are

    function addGroup(grid) {
    var rowCount =;
    var o ={...
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