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  1. Hi,

    thanks for your help.
    I solved my problem in another way now.

    My TreeNode provider now checks for children and sets ThreeStateBool.Undefined for node.Checked.

    Thats not really disabled...
  2. Hi!

    thanks for the code.

    I am not that surprised. Customers and colleagues here are experts in finding software requirements which cannot be solved the standard way ;-)

    Your solution...
  3. Hello,

    I am searching for a solution similar to disabling Checkbox-Grids at:
  4. Ups. Sorry. I did not see your answer. Thanks. But looks like I am was on the right way ;-)
  5. Well I will try it with the queryBy function. Should be the best way.
  6. But then I have to search every single record by id my store and then remove the record?

    Doesn´t this cost too much performance?
  7. Hi,

    I am searching for a similar solution to use in a Checkbox-Tree.

    The problems is that I do not have any Before-Event which fits to my needs and a View with a Tag like GetRowClass is also...
  8. Hi Daniil,

    your solutions work fine but ....
    Now I am trying to do it the other way round while removing the same selected records.

    This does not really work.

    I tried this:
  9. This works. Thanks.
  10. Hi,

    is there a clear and efficient way to load all subnodes of a just checked node without expanding all subnodes?


  11. Hi,

    thanks. I just tried it out. Seems to be fine and clear code but in my case it does not help.

    loadData loads data into the store but deletes the old data and thats what I do not want....
  12. Hi,

    thank you very much, especially with for the optimizing hints. It works fine now.

    Do you have maybe have a good link for me with optimizing hints for ExtJS3?
    Maybe a short list of Dos and...
  13. Hi,

    sorry. AutoLoadParams was only there because I wanted to try something.
    BaseParams also does not work because I do not use Remote-Paging and add records to the store via DirectMethod.

  14. Hi,

    when I load records via a DirectMethod my local paging of the grid does not work:


    #{DirectMethods}.GetChildren(, {success: function (result) {
  15. Ok thanks. You are right. The API also helps if its already working ;-)

    And I understand that it would be too much work.

    What about creating another sub-forum for problems after upgrading?...
  16. Thank you very much. Now the UserControl works fine.

    But all in all....
    You would make me very happy if you would collect problems (also caused because of ExtJS updates) and changes like this in...
  17. Hi,

    thanks for the hint.

    Ok. But also if we used it incorrectly it worked at least until Ext.NET Rev. 3189.
  18. A note from the API:

    When serializing a Record for submission to the server, be aware that it contains many private properties, and also a reference to its owning Store which in...
  19. Yes seems to me too.

    Maybe the ExtJS team checked in some code which was prepared for ExtJS 4.
    I played a bit around with Sencha Touch which has a similar MVC-Model like ExtJS 4 and thats why I...
  20. I just was abled to build an example. Here you go:

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <%@ Register Assembly="Ext.Net" Namespace="Ext.Net" TagPrefix="ext" %>

    <script runat="server">
  21. Hi Daniil,

    your example works fine for me too. Its really strange. I spent an half hour now to make your example "not working". Without any results ;-)

    Until now I cannot say why mine was not...
  22. Hi,

    I just want to post a problem and a solution for maybe helping others who will run into the same problem.

    If you add records ot a store like this:
  23. Ahhh ok.
    So I have to change up to 10 UserControls now :-(

    But thanks for the answer!
  24. Sorry I do not understand this answer.

    Does Vladimir s check cause my problems or did Vladimir made some changes to avoid my problem?
    If yes... when is an SVN-Update available?

  25. Yes this works fine. Thanks!

    For my solution its ok because the SelectionModel never has a selction at the first load of the page.

    But why did I had this problem after SVN Update?

    How can I...
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