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  1. I have user complaints the horizontal scroll bar auto moves while tabbing through the cells.

    When grid has no locking column, the scroll bar moves only when tabbing to the end of screen. This is...
  2. Awesome! my issue resolved! Millions thanks!
    Happy new year!
  3. Thanks! Looking forward to hear from you!
    As long as RemoveAll/AddNew OR Add/Remove specific columns works then I don't need reconfig() any more. The good news is it works for webForm,...
  4. Hi Fabricio, Thank you so much for all your details. Really appreciate it!
    I copied your code, run it under vs2015. This is the screen result after click on reconfig button:

    Please notice...
  5. Thanks for your info! Please close this thread for now. I will check what I can do later.
  6. Understand, I was trying to use add/remove columns but it works for webform code not MVC(I posted the MVC code in last discussion). Could you please check if you can make MVC works same as webForm?...
  7. We have several cases that user needs to dynamically add or drop grid columns, rebuild whole grid is not a good option.
  8. Hi Fabricio, I am totally stuck on this. Use the above webForm example, it looks like the Add/Insert/Remove columns work fine with filterHeader. I tried to use this as workaround for reconfig()...
  9. Hi Fabrício, It looks like all suggested solutions in my old issue were talking about grid filter not filterheader.(?) Is there any easier way (JS func) to re-init filter header after reconfig ?...
  10. Hi Fabricio, Glad to know. But we are still on 4.2. Upgrade requires a full retest. Is there any patch can make it work for 4.2 ?
  11. Hi Fabricio, Glad you found it, I completely forgot I had submitted this issue before. It came up when our user reported this issue recently. I will check what was the work around before. Thanks for...
  12. Good to know. Thank you!
  13. Any updates on this issue ?
  14. any updates on this ?
  15. Hi, The following code can help you reproduce the issue : click on Add Column/Insert Column Filter header is good. Click on reconfig, filter header is gone. The filter works fine if use...
  16. Hi, Found row number not changing when grid has groupSummary enabled. Can reproduce with your demo code below.
    To reproduce: click next page, the row number does not increase. It works fine if...
  17. Great! Thank you so much! That does solve my issue. Thanks for your advice.
  18. Hi, Our user got following error when resize columns:

    "ext.axd?v=4.2.0:19 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'autoSizeColumn' of undefined"

    I can reproduce it with minor change on your...
  19. Thanks for your info! I am good for now. Please close this issue.
  20. Thanks! that resolved my issue.
    By the way, in you demo code :
    Is there a way to enable default StringFilter operators(contains, start,...
  21. I need to apply custom filterHeader behaviour to all grids.
    If I add"string", {.. }) to _layout.cshtml file I got
    Cannot read property 'behaviour' of...
  22. Great! Thank you, that is what I wanted to know.
  23. Hi Fabricio, Thanks for quick response. I am not sure if my question was clear. I am using X.FilterHeader() for my grid. I was talking about search expression for the col filter box. It does not...
  24. Hi, Is there any document that describes searching expressions for default row filter? It looks like +/- can be used as start/end with; * : contains, is there any thing for "and/or" "not include".. ...
  25. Great! That works for me. Thanks for your helps!
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