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  1. Hi All

    I am getting the below script error in IE 9

    Error: Unable to get value of the property 'appendChild': object is null or undefined

    I am not able to find the script error where is...
  2. Hi All

    I have panel in that panel have grid panel, save button and cancel button.

    I wrote the following the under cancel button listener handler

    <ext:Button ID="btnimgCancle"...
  3. Please help me
    I used below code in button listener

    <ext:LinkButton ID="lnkSignout" runat="server" Cls="whitecls" Text="Sign out">
  4. Hi

    please help me how to get ext textarea text in html.

    i enterd text in text area like below:
    "Hi friends
    good morning
    have a nice day."

    i checked on server side but it giving this "Hi...
  5. Hi Danil

    I tried with innerText/ textContent properties but did not work in all browsers.

    HtmlEditor1.getEditorBody().innerText is worked in only Google chrome and IE browsers but not in...
  6. Hi Dail

    Its my pleasure.
    Please provide me answer for how to get only text using javascript.

    Its a great help to me.
  7. Hi Danil

    Sorry for that

    i am using 1.2 Version.

    I want to validate the html editor text on client side so that's why i want only text with out tags using java script.
  8. Hi Danil
    i am feeling that that's bug.
    I will post but help me how to get only text from html editor using java script which runs under all browsers.
    Its a great help to me.
  9. Hi All

    I used the below line to get only text with out html tags in java script. But it is working only in IE

    var homepageaddress = HtmlEditor1.getEditorBody().outerText

    would you provide...
  10. I have data in store.
    I want to convert store data to data table.
    Would you please help me?
  11. Hi
    I am getting the above script error in IE 8.
    I am not understanding where the problem in code.

    Please help me any one.
  12. Hi,
    I have a requirement
    I want to validate HtmlEditor text using java script.
    first time i entered the text and saved in DataBase.
    After that again I cleared the text , now this time i wrote the...
  13. I have requirement
    i want to get fileuploadfield file name on client side because i don't want allow more that 100chracters file name files to upload.
    So i write code using java script.
  14. here i am pasting my aspx code.

    <ext:ResourceManager runat="server" IDMode="Explicit" InitScriptMode="Linked" RemoveViewState="true"
    Namespace="i3Class" />
  15. i Have requirement
    i do not want allow enter text at calendar field in add event pop up of scheduler.
    please give reply ASAP.

    Note: Screen attached.
  16. I have requirement that is
    i want apply css for dataview empty text
    Please give any suggestion
  17. i have required
    That is I have image command columns in grid panel
    i want to set my own images for those image command columns
    is it possible?
    if possible please help.
  18. I have a requirement
    I want to hide the some rows at time grid panel displaying based on condition and also on client side.
    Please Give me solution for problem.
  19. I have a Requirement to clear all items in MultiSelect control.
    I have to clear the MultiSelect control on client side and server side.
    Please help me.
  20. Hi
    I have requirement. I want Bottom bar (i.e paging tool bar) for data view.
    Please help me.
  21. Hi All,

    I just taken a panel.In that panel i have fileuploadfield.
    That field is not displaying correctly.
    first i gave autowidth="true" at this...
  22. now i am checking on code behind page whether store is empty or not?

    Please give any reply as soon as possible.
  23. Thanks you very much
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