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  1. Ok, that works !
    Thank You !

    Could you answer me about this issue :

  2. Hi,

    Is there anybody can help me to find a way to create a desktop window on client side with autoshow = true?
    I'd like to avoid the animation of the show method.
    It's really quickly with the...
  3. Here a sample :

    <ext:Window runat="server" Width="600" Height="400" CloseAction="Destroy">
    <ext:Panel runat="server" Border="false" Width="230"...
  4. Hi,

    I set a form with some editors like this sample in a window :

    This window has closeAction = 'destroy'
    If I close this window the editors...
  5. Hi,

    I have to create desktop windows.
    Currently I use this kind of code :

    title: 'My title',
    resizable: true,
    minimizable: true,
  6. Hi,

    I am trying to avoid Frame Mode.
    I want to use Component Mode.
    I found a way by using ComponentLoader.ToConfig and I set this config into the items of a window created on client side.
  7. Hi Vlad,

    Ok, in my case, this code does not resolved my problem.
    In fact, the Grid Panel that contains the CommandColumn is in a Panel into a tab.
    While I don't click on the tab = don't display...
  8. To complete the previous behavior, I tried with Ext.Net 2.3.1 : it is the same thing.

    In fact, I try to destroy a window that contains some tabs.
    When I load the window, I only see the first tab....
  9. Hi,

    I'm using the Ext.Net 2.1 version.
    I have this problem concerning CommandColumn.

    Without changing version, have you got a work around to destroy correctly a CommandColumn?

  10. Hello Baidaly,

    Here a full sample.
    MyPage is a Desktop Page. Here a sample of it :

    <head runat="server">
    <script type="text/javascript"...
  11. Hi,

    I am trying to load a aspx page into a Window.
    I used this code :

    Ext.Net.Window w = new Ext.Net.Window
    Title = "New window",
    Width = 700,
  12. In a desktop application, I have to open many windows with some times the same content.
    For example, I need to open two document properties window on same time for two different documents.
    To deal...
  13. Hi,

    I tried the following example :

    I have two issues :
    1 - The following code generates this error "Control with type...
  14. In addition, the previous sample works with a window already declared in a form page.
    I want to create dynamic window.

    So I image create an extjs window in javascript and call a directmethod that...
  15. Hi,

    I think having found a way to resolve my issue.
    I started my investigation from this thread :
    Thanks to...
  16. Hi,

    Ok, if I understand, in one hand I have to rewrite all the code from each aspx file to each .cs file in code behind : it's a major refactoring.

    Or, in a second hand I have to transform each...
  17. Thanks Vladimir,

    I read the previous thread explaining the problem.
    But I don't understand how you can load component during a direct request.

    For example, I have 2 forms first.aspx...
  18. Hi,

    I work with Ext.Net since a couple of years.
    I use Ext.window.Window or app.getDesktop().createWindow() to create dynamic windows on a desktop application.

    I remarked that the memory of my...
  19. Hello,

    I'm looking for an example to do that :
    - I have 2, 3 or 4 dataview (each on one column)
    - I have some elements in each dataview (binded from a store)
    - I want to drag'n drop en element...
  20. Ok, I found the problem : I had to set DeferredRender to false.
    You can close this ticket.

  21. Hi,

    I have a tabpanel with 2 panels.
    I set values of textedit of the second panel.
    If I do a directevent (save for example) without clicking on the second panel, all the values of the second...
  22. Hi,

    I'm trying to set up a drag'n drop between a grid and a treeview.
    I saw the example and it works.

    The first problem is that I want to detect on the drop event if the user pressed Ctrl key....
  23. Hi,

    I want to install Ext.Net 2.0 into my application.
    I use NuGet to install and it says :
    - 'Ext.Net 2.0.0' is installed
    - MyApp has already a reference to "Ext.Net 2.0.0"
    - Failure when...
  24. Hi Daniil,

    Thank you for your response.
    I also read your reference pages.

    I saw also that there is some new features about desktop application in the Ext.Net 2 as the tray items.
    Ok, now in a...
  25. Hi Dannii,

    When I create dynamically the window I specify action = close in the config of the window. After I use the close method of the window to close it.
    I use Firebug and the web dev...
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