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  1. I am trying to set the value of a textfield in a rowexpander in codebehind or in js on AfterRender event listener, but I get

    Here is the textfield in the rowexpander:

  2. I am trying to implement this example:

    But when I click to expand the outer grid I receive this error:

    By using breakpoints I found out that the error occurred after...
  3. How I can show a window when it has Visible="false"?

    <ext:Window ID="WndwLinkDoc" runat="server"
    Width="650" Height="350" CloseAction="Hide"
  4. Hello,
    I am trying to create a combobox and assign the displayfield with current date in 2 different formats.
    How can I achieve that?
    Here is my current code with static values:

  5. Hello,
    I try to load items in the combobox from codebehind but it doesnt work. Combobox is not expanding when I click the trigger.
    Here is my code:

    var callDM = function (){
  6. Hello,
    I am trying to disable the editor combobox in the row where the column tname contains text which includes the chars: "TAE"

    I tried like this with no luck:

  7. I have a grid with an editable Column. When the user edits a cell, if the cursor is hovered on another cell, it loses focus. I removed the OverOnly attribute but now the "Undo" icon is not appearing...
  8. Hello @Fabricio,
    unfortunately it doesn't help.... I put those lines in page load with no luck

  9. I have this button:

    <ext:Button Flat="true" runat="server" ID="btnCheckV" Icon="CheckError" Scale="Large" ToolTip="Is Valid" >
  10. Hello,

    thank you! I solved it like this:

    <ext:PagingToolbar runat="server" RefreshHandler="handleRefresh();" />

    var handleRefresh = function () {
    var page =...
  11. Hello,
    following this example is it possible that the user stays in the same page after refreshing the grid and not redirected in the first page?
  12. I am reloading the active tab in javascript :


    But I want to reload the whole Panel. The reason I want to achieve this is that there is a lock...
  13. Hello Fabricio and thank you for your reply.
    Well I solved it by calling the javascript function in the Success event of button click and not in the "OnEvent" in code behind.
    I will open a new...
  14. I am trying to call javascript code in code behind (.aspx.cs) to reload a page like this:


    But its not working (no js error) , I tried...
  15. Hello,
    I have a direct method which gets 2 arguments and returns a value (string). While I can see that the direct method is called and the return value "result" is as expected (the alert function...
  16. Hello Z,
    Thank you for your information.
    Weird thing is that I am working on another laptop with vs2012 and .
    Is it something that hapenned with the latest version of nugget?
  17. Hello,
    I am trying to install Ext.NET on Visual Studio 2012 via Package Manager Console but I receive this error:

    Here is the full process:

    Install-Package Ext.NET
    Attempting to resolve...
  18. Hello Fabricio,
    I just removed the other columns and renamed the last one. But the core functionality was the same. But even if I copy paste the
    online example I get similar results.
    Here is the...
  19. Hello,
    I use the RatingColumn Example but the stars are not rendered correctly: 24965. There is a small part of a sixth star where there should be only five stars and the first silver star in each...
  20. Hello,
    In the CalendarPanel, is it possible when there are for example more than 200 events, to display only the first 200 events and show a message that there are more?
  21. Hello fabricio,
    I know the rules but sometimes its not easy to give a runnable example due to dependencies etc.
    Anyway problem is solved and here is the solution:
  22. In my project I have (among others) 2 ascx files. Each one has an editable grid. But when I edit a cell in the grid of UsersGrid.ascx file it calls the direct method of TrialDashboard.ascx file. The...
  23. Hello,
    (Same applies for Edit. None of the directmethods are working...)
    I have a confirm message in code behind which calls a direct method. But when I make a choice in the confirm message box I...
  24. Hello,
    is there an example where I can use dropdownfield with combobox behaviour (without checkboxes and dynamic).
    Thank you
  25. I am trying to check a string if is the same with a cell in the database (i.ArtifactName : nvarchar(225) ).
    Why I am getting this error?
    Btw if I check with fname it passes the check with no...
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