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  1. Great! Thanx.

  2. Hi Vlad,

    please, see image in attachment.

    If not yet available and if possible consider it as a feature request.


  3. Hi Vlad,

    fine. Thank you.

  4. Hi,

    you should have RowDblClick event available under <AjaxEvents> with 0.8 version, can you confirm?

  5. Hi Vlad,

    don't think it's matter of ExtNet. It is an IE 8 security setting I've just discovered.

    Found this:
  6. Hi Vlad,

    the 'C:\\folder\\folder\\' always existing
    part for any file?

    Yes :(

    I'm at revision 2695.
  7. Hi,

    please, check RowDblClick inside DirectEvents of the GridPanel.

    <RowDblClick OnEvent="GridPanel_RowDblClick">
  8. Hi Vlad,

    you get that path on the server side when reading FileName property?

    you use ASP.NET FileUpload control then what file name do you get?
    Only the file name, both in FF...
  9. Hi Vlad,

    no sorry, can't test with other OS. I'm using Windows 7.


  10. Hi Vlad,

    I've just tried with ExtNet examples too.

    Please, check: Form -> FileUpload -> Basic File Upload (first example).

    FireFox 3.6.3

    IE 8
  11. Hi Vlad,

    can you verify? I'm at revision 2693.

    About FileUploadField.FileName:

    IE gives me: C:\\folder\\folder\\FileName.jpg

    FF gives: FileName.jpg
  12. ooops, bad day, I used Fn instead of Handler. It works fine.


    can you please test this simple example? Event fires despite no click on button.

    Always the last button, try removing the...
  13. Hi Vlad,

    thanx, it works fine!

  14. bumped
  15. Fine, thanx Vlad.
  16. Hi,

    based on this post:

    ScriptContainer is no more available now. Isn't it?

    I solved inserting Vlad...
  17. Hi Vlad,

    can you help on that? Please, check code below and last 2 lines to test cases.
    I managed to set the height according to your help, but missing width.

    public void PrintInfo()
  18. Ok, I see. I'll check further and let you know.

  19. Hi Vlad,

    thank you a lot, however looking at Ext docs I discovered at prompt() method that:

    this is the code I use, MultilineHeight does not work, at least in code behind.
  20. Hi Vlad,

    please, check attached image, working in code behind.


  21. Hi Geoff,

    fine, thanx.
  22. Hi Vlad,

    ok thanx, I see.

    About point 2, it could be a feature request for future toolkit releases.

  23. Hi all,

    1 - are GridFilters available for TreeGrid controls? I used them in the code below but the menu does not appear.

    2 - more in general, as you can see from image in attachment, code hint...
  24. Hi Vlad,

    fine. Thanx for the quick response.

  25. Hi all,

    can you verify the code below? Is that a bug or wrong code. Please, see TreeGridBooleanColumn and relative ConfigItem.
    It gives me js Constructor error. Didn't try TreeGridDateColumn and...
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