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  1. HI. Geoffrey..

    I know it works, but I'm facing another issue so, I have to change the code.

    I will explain in steop.

    1st, change the value in combobox
    2nd, checked the check box

    If I...
  2. Hello.
    I want to know how to get the value of CheckboxSelectionModel through JavaScript without Listener in following code.

    The code calls RowSelect and RowDeselect to set up check box is...
  3. Hello, Danill.

    It looks like there is some confusions.

    You can see snapshot. There are field and dropdown box called "date" and "name"

    When one of them is selected all dropdown boxes, radio...
  4. Hello.

    I have a question about how to call different event when value is selected in combo box.
    When page is loaded it calls Combo box which has ID "NowBook_Combo" and it loaded ('" + b_code_01 +...
  5. Hi.
    I'm working on EXT.NET TextField to show alert message up when Input was Korean.
    The problem is it is worked for some of computers with KeyPress , but some computers didn't work with it.
    So, I...
  6. Hi. I have a question about Selection Model in GridPanel.

    If you see snapshot1, there are 2 rows of textedit field.
    If I've typed in Korean into 1st and 2nd, the rows are broked and disappeared...
  7. Hi.
    I tried it, but the title showed up the top of GridPanel.
    but, I want to display it below the title bar with the sum of price.
    Sum of price didn't showed up also.
    Please see attachment and...
  8. Hi.
    I want to display sum of prices on top and botton of GridPanel with title "Total"
    Could you please let me know how to do it with example ?

    Thank you.
  9. Hi.
    I'm working on my project and put LoadMask Method in GridPanel.
    The problem is while data is loading message (Msg="데이터 조회중...") in LoadMask Method is not showing up.
    Could you please let me...
  10. Hi.
    I'm working on my project and use CheckboxSelectionModel. But, I want to know how to make checkbox is disable when dropdown box is disable or non-selectable. Please see following code and...
  11. thank you for you support..^^
  12. Hi.
    I'm programmed <content>and <item> inside of <ext:Panel>.
    The problem is <item> is rendered 1st and <content> is rendered 2nd althought <content> is coded above <item>.
    Could you please let me...
  13. I am 'close();' method, using the 'Ext:Window' was closed.

    And the 'Show();' method using the open window, then 'Object can not be found' javascript An error occurs

    if Ext:Window 'close ();'...
  14. Hi.
    I tried with Show Method to display poup window center of window. But, there is still issue with location.

    1st, to close window what kind of method do I have to use to make it works with Show...
  15. I appreicate about your answer.
    But, there is another issue with popup window.
    I coded with CloseAction="Close" to initinalize the window position, but it didn't work properly in my case.
    I think...
  16. Hi, I'm facing popup window location issue when btn is clicked to load popup window in EXT Window.
    For detail, when btn is clicked to load poup window it pop up in the middle of screen.
    The problem...
  17. Thank you for your answer.
    But, I'm still waiting how to change the position of pagin tool bar to locate it to the middle of bottom or right side of bottom.
    Please let me know about this too.
  18. Hi.
    I want to locate custom buttons inside of paging tool bar and to relocate paging tool bar to the right.
    If we can remove or edit the text on the right bottom, it will be great too.

    Code is...
  19. Thank you for your advise. but, I want to know how to handle it if there is pagination.
    And, I coded it followed your advise and it worked partially. I think...
  20. Hi. I want to know how to display textfield instead of combo box in GridPanel by condition.

    If there is RecordField Name is "Gubun" and the value is "PMB", I want to display the value of...
  21. It works. but, we have to display another way like 100, 99, 98, 97 and so on, not 1,2,3,4.....
    Could you please let me know another method ?
  22. Hi.

    I have a question about numbering of list.
    I'm developing bbs to show all articles in one place. But, I can't figure it out how to show number in front of article.
    To display all article...
  23. Hi, Daniil.

    This question is a little bit tricky.
    If there is over 1000 nodes to display on webpage, website reaction is slow/delayed.
    For example, mouse over action is slow on dropdown box, and...
  24. Hi, Daniil.

    I appreciate your sample code.
    But, I still face on Node Issue.
    When top of the node called "All" is checked, child nodes don't checked automatically.
    Please see my code and...
  25. Daniil. I showed you moved my reply to edit to post.
    But, there wasn't solution about my question.
    I wonder that you're working on it or not.
    Please let me know asap.

    Thank you.
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