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  1. Hi @Fabricio
    Could you take a look here, you can reproduce it easily with both samples I posted.
  2. Hello team,

    I saw a cool addition to charts in ext js
    this however is missing in 4.7. Any plans on...
  3. <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <!DOCTYPE html>

    <head runat="server">
    <title>Rotate Text - Ext.NET Examples</title>
    <link href="/resources/css/examples.css" rel="stylesheet" />
  4. Hi All,
    We want to implement a line series with different icons as markers.The elegant way would be to use font icons (like fontawesome). However I see there is a bug, when we want to use text...
  5. Hi
    I am still waiting for this, to me it' s a bug and we can not upgrade (the minor versions from 4.2->4.5).
    As you can see there has been some behavior changes in loading the resources between...
  6. Hi Fabricio
    Thank you for your response, I finally had time to see this issue again:

    It seems that some chart-debug.js are loaded which create problem. This was not the case in 4.2. These files...
  7. Hello Fabricio
    That fix is not working anymore in the current version 4.5 when we were trying to upgrade.

    Is that some other control...
  8. Hi @Fabricio
    Thank you very much, this fix for now works and I don't see any side effects for the moment.
    However I see that there is a problem when it's inside a window container, as I said in...
  9. Hi @Fabricio
    Any update on this bug?thanks,
  10. Hello Frabricio

    Thanks for the hint, probably we could customize it but a solution out of the box is simpler to ue.

    Besides these charts have different purposes and show also other values,...
  11. Hello
    We recently upgraded a project from Ext.Net 2.3 to 4.4. We have a lot of dropdown with a treepanel as their components. These are not working correctly now, when expanding nodes the drop-down...
  12. Hi Fabricio
    Thank you, we appreciate to have it soon. I was watching it and was confident it'll come with 4.3 as ext js 6.5 was its target. But can wait for the ext version, hopefully.
  13. Hello support team,

    Apparently sencha has included boxplot charts since 6.5 which is included in Ext.Net 4.3 and 4.4. This however is missing from current version of
    Shouldn't be...
  14. Hi Fabricio
    Thank you for quick fix and the hint, I will remove refreshemtyText as I don't need it anyways.
  15. Hi
    There is a bug in resetting the dropdown field. Either this.reset or if the containing form resets itself, there pops out this bug. It tries to applyEmptyText() and does not find it.

    So here...
  16. come on Fabricio, you sure can solve it without a complete example! in fact you did:) Thanks a lot for the tip, this was an annoying problem, which is now solved.
  17. Hello
    I have a problem where i can not easily create an example but I know where the problem comes from, hopefully someone has a solution:

    I am creating some charts dynamically through partial...
  18. Thanks Fabricio for the support.
    Well I don't see anything in the console, strange!
    But yes I see the documentation and thanks for pointing me out. In this case I have to change to CategoryAxis...
  19. Hi
    the following example is based on column chart in the examples project. I merely replace the category axis by time axis and it does not show any data. Some rendering issue? It works fine if it's...
  20. Thanks for the quick feedback and the example, I'll look into it in the next days- and sure somebody can use it as there was no examples of relayevents.
    Meanwhile I solved my problem without...
  21. Thank you Fabricio for your inputs. I am however confused on the existence of RelayEvents config of the chart, why would we use it then?
    I tried it with beforerender listener
  22. Hello All
    I have a situation whereI want to use the relay events functionality extjs docs from store to its Chart. what am I missing here:

  23. Hello Fabricio,
    Thank you for the support, it's indeed an overkill but I can live with it, it is a special case.
    I am however curious about seriesrenderer: add to line 45 of js function

  24. Dear Ext.Net Team,

    Based on Chart renderer example, I created following example which when swiped to right/left refreshes the store and hence the chart/series. However some generated sprites...
  25. Hey Fabricio,
    Thanks for the update. It is known that Sencha is trying to make $$$ with each updates without caring about the community.
    thanks anyways and happy new Year!
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