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  1. hi,
    I am using server side code to populate the text fields.

    Actually, i found the sollution.

    Previously the code for populating the controls were directly under Page_Load like below,

  2. hi,
    No it is not solved yet......

    members, if any1 have faced such situation and have a sollution..kindly let us know.

    Do we need to set some property for this?????

  3. Hi,
    I am using coolite .8 and find one strange thing.

    I have few textfield controls in my page and i have a save button.

    Now first i am populating the textfields from the DB , then changing...
  4. Hi ,
    I am usign VS 2008 and coolite 0.8.

    But after putting a breakpoint in my javascript function the execution is not stopping in the breakpoint so i am putting alert to actully debugg teh code,...
  5. Hi ,
    I have a javascript fucntion like below,
    function MaskMoney(evt)

    if (!(evt.keyCode == 46 || (evt.keyCode >= 48 &amp;&amp; evt.keyCode <= 57))) return false;
    var parts =...
  6. the answer...we have to make EnableKeyEvents ="true"
  7. Hi ,
    I have written a simple javascript function to validate a price textfield.

    I am just calling the function like below,
    <ext:TextField ID="txtPrice" runat="server" FieldLabel="Price($)"...
  8. Hi<
    How can i validate like start date should be less than the end date?
    I am using coolite 0.8.

    Also i am using ViewPort, i am not using FromPanel. So,
    according to the example...
  9. hi geoff,
    The link you have provided is asking for flash active X component should be installed.
    But i do not have the permission to install that on the client system.

    Could you plz send me...
  10. Hi, I have a panel like below,

    <ext:Panel ID="Panel2" runat="server" Title="NSCC Specific:" ></ext:Panel>

    By default it is showing deep steel color. I want to change the color.
    How to...
  11. hi,
    I am showign a gridpanel with list of products in a tab.

    Now if the user select a particular gridpanel row and then click a button "Edit" from the top of the first tab item a new tab will...
  12. hi MindCore,
    You got me right.
    I am trying to close a Tab in a Tab Panel by clicking on a Cancel button within that Tab only.
    How to do that?

    The new tab i am openning shows a aspx page...
  13. Hi,
    Onclicking on a particular link i am openning a new page as a tab item.
    Now that particular page has two buttons.

    Save and Cancel.
    On clicking the cancel button i want to close that page...
  14. hi,
    In this example

    if you go to the source code, we have a fucntion called CitiesRefresh.

    That function contains a line of code...
  15. hi frnds,

    Any explanation why so???
  16. ok..i got it...

    we have to add Renderer tag like below,

    <ext:Column ColumnID="Price" Header="Price" DataIndex="Price" >
    <Renderer Format="UsMoney" />
  17. Hi,
    In my GridPanel i have one column called Price.

    Now i am populating that column value from database.

    So, in the GridPanel i have to show the price like below,


  18. hi,
    I solved the problem but do not have the explanation.

    What i did is,
    previously my reader was like below,

    <ext:JsonReader ReaderID="ProductID">
  19. hi geoffrey,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have found what exactly is happenning but do not know how to solve it.


    I am binding the store from code behind and the datasource is a...
  20. Hi,
    I am facing a weired problem while using PagingToolbar for allowing pagination in GridPanel.

    The problem is that,
    I have set the PageSize="25" in the PagingToolbar control.

    Now for the...
  21. hi geoffrey,

    I have chagned my web method according to your suggestion.
    But as you can see my error message says that "Resource can not be found".

    <ext:Button ID="Button1" runat="server"...
  22. Thank you very much Geoffrey for clarifying me.
    have a good day
  23. Hi,
    I have created a web service looks like below,

    using System;
    using System.Web;
    using System.Web.Services;
    using System.Web.Services.Protocols;
    using Coolite.Ext.Web;
    using Coolite;
  24. Hi,
    I have just started using coolite so have very less knowledge about it.

    I have got some code and there i found codes like,
    <Click Handler="#{GridPanel1}.deleteSelected();" />
  25. Hi,

    I have created a user control and placed it into the aspx page as below,

    <ext:LayoutRow RowHeight="0.25">
    <uc:MyUserControl ID="UserControl1" runat="server" Name="test" />
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