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  1. Hi Danill,

    no problem because of your delay!!

    sorry, about this newbie question, but how can i add your code to my app? ;))

    if i add this to the the <script .. > area before the onSaveClick...
  2. Hi,

    can anyone help me?

    best regards
  3. Hi,

    now i have extend the sample to create the Root Node in Codebehind.
    If i click the root node, and change the text, the row will not appear in the modified Records. Why?

    <%@ Page...
  4. Hi,

    ist this not the same?

    best regards
  5. Thanks Daniil.

    Now i changed the Store an set alle fields "persist=true". But the it will change nothing.

    <ext:TreeStore runat="server" ID="MainStore"...
  6. Hi,

    thanks for the example. I have modified this to reproduce the error.

    If you edit the column "Text" and press Save there are NO UpdatedRecords. If you edit the Column "Text1" or "Text2" and...
  7. Hi,

    i have an TreeGrid with an TreeStore with an AjayProxy. So far everything works fine.
    In the TreeGrid are Columns with Editors,


    <ext:Column runat="server" ID="ccName"...
  8. thanks a lot

    Please mark this thread as closed

    best reagrds
  9. Hi,

    i have an TreeGrid with RemoteActions like RemoteEdit.
    Now i need add an extraParam to the RemoteEdit Action.

    How can i do this? With BeforeRemoteAction?

    best regards
  10. Thanks a lot, now it works

    please mark this thread as closed!

    best regards
  11. Hi,

    thanks so far. The last question is how can i get an initial StoreParameter with the value from the Component or from an other record field?

    The component store should load data with a...
  12. Hi,

    it is possible to drag and drop a combobox value into a treePanel?
    i dont want to write some custom logic, i want to use the existing plugins.

    the dd from Combobox to Content Panel is OK,...
  13. Hi Daniil,

    sorry, the problem still exists.

    It seems the success function will not be executed. so the "fldintReason" field is always empty.

    Whats about other Components like TextFiles,...
  14. Hi Daniil,

    thanks a lot, it works fine. The next step is how to mark the record as dirty.

    After setting the fldintReason Field with some text, the fldEmployee Combobox is empty

    var onEdit...
  15. Hi,

    i have an Treegrid with 2 Comboboxes. After selecting a value from the first, the values from the second should be refreshed. But it appears an error App.Store2 is undefined.

    How can i fix...
  16. thanks, it works fine.

    Please mark this thread as solved!

    best regards
  17. Hi @fabricio.murta,

    thanks, this solves the problem. But open an other ;)

    how can i check which locked status the column has and then change the extra parameter dynamically between normalGrid...
  18. Hi,

    i have an TreeGrid with CellEditing plugin and GridLock.

    With an active gridlock i cannot use the editingPlugin for access to the records.
    I get the Message: TypeError:...
  19. Hi Daniil,

    see the following sample.

    If you complie it with Ext.Net.dll Version 2.5.3 the left click executes the editor and the right click the contextmenu.
    if you compile the same with...
  20. Hi,

    i have an TreeGrid with CellEditing Plugin. With Ext Version 2.5.3 it work fine, but not with Version 3.0.0.
    After migration i have two problems:

    a) contextmenu is not visible

  21. Hi, Danill,

    thanks for your reply. But i get an error:

    TypeError: this.parentMenu.dataRecord is undefined

    <Click OnEvent="SubmitNode">
  22. Hi,

    i have an Treegrid Store and Model and a context menu. Now i need the record data and the selected column Index from the TreeGrid as Parameter
    in the context menu.

  23. Thanks, please mark this case as closed

    best reagrds
  24. Hi Daniil,

    thanks for your answer. It works fine so far. But in the TreeStore "Store1" there are no methods like
    - GetByInternalId
    - CommitRemoving
    - GetById

    And there is no .isDirty()...
  25. Hi,

    i have a TreeGrid without Store but with some columns with an editor. I can edit the data and the cell is marked as dirty.

    Now i want to save the data. Is it possible to get all dirty rows...
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