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  1. Hello!

    We need an example to reproduce your issue. Can you provide it?
  2. Hello!

    If you mean localization using ResourceProvider, I'm afraid it is not possible right now.

    However, you can extend attributes to add this functionality. You can find examples in the...
  3. Try the following:

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <%@ Register Assembly="Ext.Net" Namespace="Ext.Net" TagPrefix="ext" %>

    <!DOCTYPE html>

  4. Hello!

    The method doesn't return any value:

    What behavior do you expect?
  5. Hello!

    Can you clarify, did you solve this problem?
  6. Hello!

    @Daniil meant that during DirectEvent you can change error message using:


    However, we suggest to use real validation like in this samples:
  7. Hello!

    It seems the problem could be in this line:

    .Plugins(Html.X().CellEditing().Listeners(l => { l.BeforeEdit.Fn = "cellEdit"; }))

    Can you provide a full sample with this function?
  8. The problem is that the way how you load Window is not good because it doesn't destroy all child elements even if you use CloseAction="Close".

    Right now you can destroy the DropZones manually like...
  9. The issue is not reproducible using Ext.NET 1.6 but is reproducible with Ext.NET 1.7.

    We will investigate this issue.
  10. Hello!

    Couldn't reproduce. What version of Ext.NET 1.x do you use? Also, could you provide your browser name and version?
  11. Add the following CtCls to the Label:

    <ext:Column ID="Column1" runat="server" DataIndex="company" Flex="1" Sortable="false" Align="Right">
    <ext:Label runat="server"...
  12. Try to set Column's Align to Center:

    <ext:Column ID="Column1" runat="server" DataIndex="TMEEnd" ColumnID="TMEEnd" Width="75" Align="Center">
    <ext:Label runat="server"...
  13. Hello!

    Try the following:

    protected void CreateTest( object sender, DirectEventArgs e ) {
    var ucl = new UserControlLoader() { Path = "Test39.ascx", UserControlClientIDMode =...
  14. Try the following trick:

    <ext:Column ID="Column1" runat="server" DataIndex="TMEEnd" ColumnID="TMEEnd" Width="75" Align="Right">
    <ext:Label runat="server"...
  15. Try to set Delay to 100. In what browser do you test?
  16. Can you provide a sample to reproduce?
  17. Hello!

    Try to add the following handler of AfterRender event:

    <ext:Column runat="server" DataIndex="Title" Header="Metric" ColumnID="Title" Flex="1" Align="Left" Hideable="false"...
  18. Hello!

    It seems that ListFilter is not designed to be dynamic.

    However, if you want to update filter's menu with new records in the store you can try to call the following code:

  19. The issue was reported to Sencha.

    We have created an issue to track this defect:
  20. Hello!

    Thank you for the report!

    We are investigating.
  21. Hello!

    Yes, we improved this plugin in Ext.NET 2.3, you can find more information here:

    In order to use them you need...
  22. Hello!

    Is this problem solved?
  23. Sorry, it's still not clear.

    When you use TextFieldFor it should apply validation from the Model but when you use TextField or ComboBox it cannot know anything about the attributes in your Model....
  24. Hello!

    Try the following:

  25. Hello!
    I saw that you created a lot of things to improve UserControls .

    I'm just curious, what kind of scenario are you trying to implement?
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