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  1. Where abouts are you based jchau? If you're in the UK you'd be more than welcome to attend one of our future Meetups in Bath - We get...
  2. Hi jchau, thanks for the feedback - I produced the presentation!

    On the "Future" slide, I was just talking about how we could possibly do things in future applications - one of the disadvantages...
  3. I had a similar issue on one of my projects - when a Window containing a Silverlight control was moved, the Silverlight control was reinitialised after the Window stops being dragged.

    When a...
  4. Thread: MVC 3 support

    by danielg
    Hi Geoffrey,

    Do you have a rough idea of when premium members will be able to get hold of a "preview" of Ext.NET v2? e.g. A few weeks time? Or a few months time?

    We're very keen to use the...
  5. Thread: Ext Js 4?

    by danielg
    Yes, see this thread -
  6. BMT Defence Services, a large company based in Bath, are looking for a software developer with Ext.NET/Ext JS experience to join their team. For more information, and to apply, please visit...
  7. I wanted to make developers aware of a new Sencha Meetup group, based in the south-west of England. The aim of the group will be to bring developers together, and share knowledge/tips on Sencha...
  8. Thread: Resize buttons

    by danielg
    The "Tool" icons are part of a sprite (single image which contains multiple icons), so you would need to create a new sprite with larger icons, then use the CSS below to specify the new height/width,...
  9. Thanks, that sorted it.
  10. Hi,

    Thanks, but I've applied that code and it makes no difference...

  11. In the following example, when you click on the "Load Data" button, the data in the grid isn't paged. This only seems to happen when loading data via a DirectEvent. If the data was loaded in the...
  12. Thread: MVC 3 support

    by danielg

    Please could you let me know what your plans are for supporting the Razor engine in MVC 3? Do you have any timescales for when this might be implemented?


  13. Hi Geoffrey,

    Is there any update on your Ext JS 4 implementation?

    It would be useful if you could setup a roadmap page, similar to Sencha's, which gives a rough idea of what you're working on,...
  14. Hi Daniil,

    Thanks for the reply. Is there any update on this issue?


  15. Hello,

    I've noticed what I think is a bug with the ResourceManager. I want to disable the rendering of all Ext.NET JavaScript and CSS files, and instead compress and include them manually in two...
  16. Thanks for the replies - that'd be great if the "destroy" can be automated.


  17. I installed the patch that you recommended, which resolved the problem for my specific example that I sent above, however my app was still experiencing memory leaks afterwards.

    After further...
  18. Hello,

    I've been doing some testing for one of our apps using IE6. Unfortunately our main client has to use IE6 so we have to code the application in such a way that ensures performance is as...
  19. Hi Daniil, thanks for the reply - that worked. Please mark as solved.


  20. Thanks for the reply.

    I can get this working fine in IE8, however it doesn't work in IE6 - do you know what needs to be changed for IE6 to support the ellipsis overflow?


  21. Hello,

    Do you know whether it's possible to configure the TreePanel to show the ellipsis ("...") at the end of a node title if a title overflows over the side of the tree's body?

    I think I've...
  22. Thanks Vladimir, that does appear to have sorted the problem! Please mark as solved.

    Many thanks,

  23. Hi,

    I was just wondering if you'd managed to look at my previous post - do you know if there's a more generic fix which can be implemented by yourselves (i.e. by checking the current handler), so...
  24. Ok, thanks, I see what you mean now with the HttpContext.Current.Request object breaking it.

    I've just changed the Ext.NET DirectRequestModule code to the following, and it appears to work fine...
  25. But if I remove the following line from "DirectRequestModule.cs" in the Ext.Net project and recompile the DLLs, the progress bar works fine with the "DirectRequestModule" added in my web.config, so...
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