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  1. Thank you in advance.

    We have been successful with using Ext.Net for file uploading through setting parameters for controls via markup, however, when attempting the same via dynamic controls in...
  2. When using the latest version of Ext.Net ( an ItemSelector instance apparently must have child ListItems within both Items and SelectedItems, otherwise, if SelectedItems does not contain...
  3. Great news is that using the latest build resolves the issue with the RowEditing plugin and the GridPanel component, however, using the latest build leads to issues with the ItemSelector.

  4. Hi Daniil,

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to attempt to reproduce this for us.

    Indeed, you are correct. After replacing our existing Ext.Net library files with the latest as of today...
  5. Affected browsers include:
    -Chrome 46.0.2490.86
    -IE 10.0.9

    Ext.Net version:

    Thank you
  6. Thank you for your time + effort in advance.

    Please note the rowediting plugin's behavior when attempting to edit any of the three rows (any column) within the second gridpanel.

    I've stripped...
  7. When using the RowEditing plugin with GridPanel instances, double-clicking on any given column, having a Text field, within any row leads to what looks like blurry text, or double instances of the...
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