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  1. I have a Combobox. When I select a list item the first time it works fine, when I select another item it throws this error in firebug (this.hiddenField is undefined) :

    items: [
  2. I have a form with 4 sections, each one having a group of fields (inside fieldsets). For each section I want to be able to insert and remove multiple fields (group of fields) at the desired places on...
  3. Thread: Body null error

    by sz_146
    Confused!! Could you give me an example of how to add fields to a form at run time or whatever the best way to achieve this ? thanks
  4. Thread: Body null error

    by sz_146
    To narrow down the problem I have noticed that the error triggers if I have try to create a new instance of a component inside the outer Panel OR if I do xtype:'form' instead for example.

  5. Thread: Body null error

    by sz_146
    I have a complex form inside a window and I need to add fields to the form at run time on the click of a button. For example I have 5 address fields and I have a button 'Add Another Address' which...
  6. I have a complex form inside a Window which I invoke/show at runtime on a button click. When the button is clicked and some of the form fields are filled up, then the window is closed and the button...
  7. Thanks Vladsch. I found the problem though. It was because I have no title. When I add an empty title to the Panel I can see the collapse button then.
  8. I want to make my west panel collapsible but it doesn't work. Don't know what am I missing. This is how it looks like :

    <West MinWidth="200" MaxWidth="300" Split="true"...
  9. In one of my tabs I have rendered a DIV with some image tiles and I make them draggable just like google and load more tiles at runtime using the mouse events.

    Now I have another transparent image...
  10. Thanks. that solved the issue. :)
  11. I have a viewport in my application and 3 forms defined at the end of my file just before :


  12. I keep getting this error in my application often. Wonder may be causing it :

    <div class="errorTitle">

    window.console is undefined
    <div class="errorSourceBox...
  13. Somehow the width and height of the ReportsPanel (wrapped in FitLayout) only gets its size once the tab is selected. I am setting the content of the tab before it is activated/selected. I also set...
  14. I have a tab panel with 2 tabs in my application. In the west panel of the application I have a Tree. Each time a tree node is clicked, I update the content of both the tabs. In the second tab I...
  15. Thank you Vladsch. It worked :)
  16. I have now changed it to :

    <ext:Tab ID="ReportsTab" runat="server" Title="Reports">
  17. In the center panel of my viewport's border layout I have 2 tabs. The second tab looks like this :

    <ext:Tab ID="ReportsTab" runat="server" Title="Reports">
  18. I have a TabPanel and I want to add a tab to it at runtime and then add content to the new tab. The new tab gets updated each time some one clicks a navigation tree link (to paint new image graphs...
  19. Thread: Layout issue

    by sz_146
    I have been struggling with this problem since a while now. I have a border layout in my application. And in the North panel I have a logo at the left (fixed width). To the right of the logo in the...
  20. Brilliant ... thanks Vladsch. I put the shadow: false in the :

    var pan = new PanPanel({
    id: 'ReportPanPanel',
    frame: true,
    border: false,
  21. Thats better/readable :

    realign : function(l, t, w, h){
    var a = this.adjusts, d = this.el.dom, s =;
    var iea...
  22. I have the following code which works in FF but throw an error in IE7. The error occurs at the doLayout line. Tried many things but can't find the problem. Can anyone help ? thanks
    NOTE: Pan Panel...
  23. I have the following North Panel (of border layout) in my application (using 0.6):

    <ext:Panel ID="Panel1"...
  24. Thank you Geoff. You have been a great help.
  25. Presently I am doing it like this. But when I put an extension into a .js file and add it to the head section and then try to use it elsewhere, it complains 'it is not a constructor', so then I have...
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