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  1. thanks! that works.

    i would like to see a feature on the Column object that is "WrapHeader" [true/false]

  2. Support,

    How can i wrap header text?


    <ColumnModel ID="ColumnModelTest" runat="server">
  3. Interesting.

    I think i really like the <Bin> concept so that we don't load them until the tree node is clicked on. I think that will work for me.

    We will give a try next week and let you know...
  4. Support,

    We have a screen with many controls. we use a TreeList to let the employee choose their options and then we simply show the controls associated to that treelist item.

    We have a single...
  5. I tested it and the fix works.
  6. Please be aware that the example i created a super simplified example so i can show you the issue. Our production code (that manifests the problem) is more complex. I changed our production from...
  7. Support,

    This gets interesting now :)

    Test #1:
    Go ahead and load page and click the date TRIGGER icon and you get the calendar properly.
    [test passes]

    Test #2:
    Go ahead and FIRST press...
  8. Thxs a bunch
  9. I went the extends route.

    if (!String.prototype.endsWith) {
    String.prototype.endsWith = function (search, this_len) {
    if (this_len === undefined || this_len > this.length) {
  10. i need a 4.8.3 release pls with this fix.
  11. i will live with this one (and handle it on our side) if we can get the IE11 fixed and released asap as 4.8.3.
  12. Interesting....

    Let me review on our side.

    What about a release to fix the IE11 bug.

  13. Appreciate it
    I plan to deploy it asap (hopefully tonight)
  14. Thanks!
    I have alot of trouble with custom build since we are fully integrated with nuget and it would mess up the entire process and cache busting stuff we have.

    Pls do review the second issue...
  15. looks like a defect exists for this already. Can i get a short term solution or a new build please.

  16. Support,

    This is another super critical bug. Prior to 4.8.2, setValue on a DateField NEVER fired the select handler. in 4.8.2, the select handler is firing when setValue is executed.

    Can we fix...
  17. sort of critical as it breaks all our IE11 customers.
    here is a function you can use that works in IE 11.
    pls reply as soon as you can.

    var endsWith = function(str, suffix) {
  18. endsWith is not a supported function in old IE. can you fix this please?

    updateIndicator: function () {
    var hideEl,
  19. Can we sort a Template column? I have a Template column with a custom tpl and it does not seem to be sortable. Is the resolution to use a regular column and a renderer?
  20. Create a column with dataindex="Id" and make it visible=false. It must exist.
    Then give each column an id value. make sure the one for the id matches the one u exclude in the xsl
  21. Hi.
    I dont have the time to write a full code answer (and test it for you) for you but the simple answer is as such. yes this is possible.
    Excel.xsl uses XSL language specification. The for-each...
  22. Support,

    you can close this. i implemented a very simple solution.

    I created a second store "RenderStore." On load of the original store, i make a by value copy to my render store. Now, i can...
  23. I dont think i want a separate store per row. We have have hundreds of rows and each combo can be 1000-2000 elements. dynamic bind seems the solution. Do you have a working example of such? If not,...
  24. Support,

    see the code behind that adding a column to a grid. there are 40-50 rows. Notice how we assign Store1 one. Now assume each row has a different value.

    The problem is that i want to mark...
  25. close.
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