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  1. I found that in Nuget there are two versions of Ext.Net MVC 3.0 and

    What's difference?
  2. Thank you!
  3. Thank you!
  4. Thanks! and when v2.5 release?
  5. Thanks Daniil, I know you fix it in svn, but I'm not your Premium Members, I just want to know how the issue fixed, so can you send me the fixed file only(my email is, please...
  6. Thank you Daniil, and can you see the post...
  7. Hi Daniil,

    See below posts before
  8. Hi All,

    You can see below post before.
  9. Hi,

    In ext-lang-zh-CN.js

    // changing the msg text below will affect the LoadMask
    Ext.define("Ext.locale.zh_CN.view.AbstractView", {
    override: "Ext.view.AbstractView",
  10. Hi,

    About Remote Validation, I think there are still problems, I use activateRemoteValidation and deactivateRemoteValidation function, I find that I can't activateRemoteValidation when field...
  11. Oh, I got it, thank you! you can close this thread.
  12. Hi All,

    Because Ext.Net no longer open source, so if there are some bugs, we only can wait official version upgrade, so I hope upgrade version more frequently, best you can release a version every...
  13. Thank you, and is your fixed include this ?
  14. Please run below code, when click on column A (data 1,2,3), the editor will appear on column B

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <script runat="server">
    protected void Page_Load(object sender,...
  15. I think now readonly field don't do remote validation, but when I set a new value on field, the remote validation will be invoke again. I think the previous fixed...
  16. I think you fixed this bug ( in 2.3, but not enough, in the post 2# I say

    You can run below code,...
  17. Please see below picture


    Chinese Simplified date string shoud be 2015年6月8日. Now there are some extra single quote char 2015'年'6'月'8'日'

    You can test it here...
  18. I have a internal dll with embed resource, some file like js, css, png etc. when I use 2.2, I can use ResourceManager.RegisterClientScriptInclude(Type type,string resourceName) to add some...
  19. extjs 4.2.2 already released, is there a new plan to release Ext.Net 2.3? thank you!
  20. Any new milestone?
  21. Ok, Thanks.
  22. Additional, If remote validation invoke, the loading icon will appear, when validation over, the loading icon will disappear, and any IndicatorText will disappear together.

    Run below code, when...
  23. Hi,

    I want to disable remote validation when field readonly, but I find if readonly field got foucs(you can click on it), then type any key use keyboard, the remove validation will invoke.

  24. Hi,

    Remote validation is very useful, but I find that when I set field to readonly, remote validation is still invoke, unless I set field to disabled, is there any way to disable remote validation...
  25. @Daniil, you don't have to say sorry, I 'm very like Ext.Net, the new 2.x version so cool, but there some bugs, so I hope it release asap, hope this month can be released.
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