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  1. Thanks, that will help me for now. But how will this be with 2.1.2? In 2.1.1 it is confusing, the way it is now.
  2. See this thread for an answer:
  3. I just installed the 2.1.1 NuGet package of Ext.NET and I found that the .NET 4.0 version of the dll does not contain the Ext.Net.MVC namespace. The .NET 3.5 version of the dll does contain the MVC...
  4. The bug that breaks the bindings by combining several bindings within one dependentAssembly node, is still there. I've just experienced it upgrading to 2.1.1.
  5. Sorry, I meant Access indeed. Thanks for planning that new feature.
    In the meantime I will stick with filtering the css-include from the HTML output using an HTTP module.

    Thanks again,
  6. I use version 2.1.0.
  7. Hi, I've just bought a custom ExtJS theme that completely replaces

    I've been instructed not to load any of the default ExtJS themes but Ext.NET doesn't seem to provide a way of disabling theme...
  8. There is a small typing error in the code that shows the mask. It should be:{msg : 'Please wait..'}); //just before calling .show() of Window

    ( instead of
  9. Hi Daniil,

    I think we'll be fine as long as the public key of that dll matches the public key of the one that is on NuGet. You see, when the public key is the same, we can use version redirection...
  10. Until shortly, I could manage this by recompiling SharpArch. But now, since both Ext.NET and SharpArch come as NuGet packages, I'd really like to reference both of them using NuGet.

    I have checked...
  11. This is so amazing! I stumbled upon exactly the same issue about an hour ago. I read this (then still unanswered) question and after checking back a minute or so ago, it got fixed already. That...
  12. I'm sorry, I was testing using a build from the (abandoned) old trunk of Using the latest version from the current trunk, the problem doesn't appear anymore.
  13. Thanks, that's perfect, giving us all the flexibility.
  14. Ah, great. I will be testing it today.
  15. I'm having a hard time reproducing this using a simple example. I gues I'll just have to take out one bit at the time from my project until the problem goes away. I'll post my findings as soon as I...
  16. Phew! I'll just stick with my patch until the next release. I've centralized the creation of ExtPartialViews in my application so that I can easily change it to use the new wrapper panel config.
  17. Hi Daniil,

    Yeah I know, I did that at first but I wanted to get rid of the effort and repetition. The cleaner the layouts, the better.

    Are you saying that the Dev team has denied the request?
  18. Cool, that sounds even better! Keep me posted.
  19. I have the latest version but I still have this problem! I think that before I downloaded the update, I got two 'undefined' request per image button. After updating, I get only one per image button.
  20. Ok, here's the patch. I've added a WrapperBodyStyle property, which allows customization of the BodyStyle of the wrapper panel. I also added the SetTransparentWrapper method, which sets the...
  21. I would like to have a property on Ext.NET MVC PartialViewResult that renders the wrapper panel with transparent body style or perhaps a custom body style if you think that is a more appropriate...
  22. I figured out that I could get Ext.Net.MVC work with MVC3 properly by changing the following section in my Web.Config file

  23. Thanks. I guess I have to go back to MVC 2 until you've fixed the issue.
  24. Hi,

    I've just upgraded my project to ASP.NET MVC 3.0 and noticed that PartialViewResult doesn't render anymore. Instead of rendering the result, the output of PartialViewResult.ToString() is sent...
  25. I don't mean to sound impatient and all but did you perhaps find out about this already? Thanks.
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