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  1. hi,

    I'm trying to store batch update. when I insert a new record to store I can see the new record with getAllRange method and the newly inserted record is phantom = true crudstate is "C" but when...
  2. Thank you for detailed and rapid support fabricio.murta. It really helps me.

  3. Hi all,

    There are some component columns in my gridpanel. When I bind big data in grid, some rows' controls cannot be rendered. You can test it on code below. When you scroll down, some rows...
  4. Hi Fabricio,

    Yes, Turkey changed it's timezone +02 to +03 about two months ago.

    Thanks for workaround but I have to change all datefields, grids with date etc. to apply this. And this is not...
  5. Hi,

    I changed code as your suggestions. You can see result attached. Unfortunately still same. I added new screenhot.

    In IE, there is no problem. But it adds one hour for somedays in chrome. I...
  6. In some dates, it adds one hour.

    01.01.2016 01:00
    02.01.2016 00:00

  7. Hi Fabricio,

    My time zone is (UTC +03:00) ─░stanbul. Can you test with this timezone?


  8. Hi all,

    There is a bug with datetime types in Chrome with ExtJs. I found some similar cases but it didn't solve my issue.
  9. Thank you.
  10. Hi Fabricio,

    I use Ext 3.x and Unfortunately this config is not included in it. Is there another way for this?


  11. Hi all,

    I want to add a text to grid's collapse button like "Click For Details".

    Is there a way for this?


  12. Hi,

    I found the problem. In 2012 I set ResourceManager's Locale property to "tr". I think this was a workaround for a bug at that time. After removing this code, the problem is gone.

  13. Hi Fabricio,

    I changed regional settings. There is no problem with it.
    I also set Culture and UICulture in my application. As I said there is not problem with other settings. The only problem is...
  14. Hi all,

    After upgrading my app server from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012 R2, datefield's format is changed to j.n.Y.

    I should be d.m.Y. All other localization configurations...
  15. Hi fabricio.murta,

    Thats why I changed namespaces. I change namespace Ext.Net to Ext3.Net and Newtonsoft.Json to Newtonsoft.Json7. Now I have no namespace conflicts. Everything is working fine.
  16. Hi,

    Can i use two versions of Ext.Net in the same project? My project is written in VB therefore i can not use extern alias.

    In order to workaround i tried changed namespaces but i don't have...
  17. Hi Daniil,

    Recovering the previous value is OK.

    The problem is when i set allowBlank="true" ForceSelection="true" i can not clear combobox with simple delete action.

    The description at the...
  18. Hi Daniil,

    Using Plugin is a solution but it is not possible to clear combobox with keyboard in that case. And I have to add this plugin to all combobox in my project.

    For workaround, I...
  19. Hi,

    I have a strange problem with combobox in v3.2.1.

    The issue is :

    1 - Set the forceselection = true and allowBlank = true
    2 - Select an item from combobox
    3 - Clear the...
  20. Thanks Daniil.
  21. I am using 3.1 version of Ext.Net.

    Can you try the case with that version? If not, I can try it with latest version.


  22. Hi,

    There is a grid panel with paging toolbar.

    First, I clear the store with removeAll method. Then I reload the gridpanel with a new data source.

    But after that, if a record is deleted...
  23. Thanks Vladimir.
  24. Hi all,

    In chrome v43, textfield's inputs are sliding down like attached pic. How can I solve this?


  25. Hi all,

    In my case, a WPF application loads my page with webbrowser control and my app throws this error if browser's compatibility mode is on. I added IE9=EmulateIE9 to web.config. Now it is...
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