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  1. Fantastic! ... Thanks!
  2. Thanks Washburn, I had found that shortly after my post and ended up using normal html <button> tags with an onclick JS handler to do a "command" style postback.

    The issue here is that the...
  3. I'm not really sure how I ended up using the viewport in this case... it was done a few weeks ago.

    I will take a look at the ext:Panel, but I'm assuming it will work great since asp:Panel works.
  4. Thanks Vladimir... I switched it to a standard <asp:Panel>
  5. Adding an ext:ViewPort to a page causes the <body> tag to end up with an inline style of:
    "border-bottom: 0px; border-left: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; margin: 0px; padding-left: 0px; padding-right:...
  6. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Thanks Vladimir that worked perfectly!

    The name "RemoteSort" doesn't really indicate to me that it would push sorting to the client... perhaps this should be called "ClientSort"?
  8. Thanks Vladimir!

    For now, I fixed #1 by added a global var to my JS that makes sure my setupDocument fn is only called once... I'll remove this once a coolite build is released with your fix for...
  9. Fantastic! I will keep an eye on the changelogs for this.
  10. Thanks Geoffrey! I somehow completely overlooked the Msg property...

    What about a Cls property? I can style all loading masks through global css, but what if I want certain ones to look...
  11. Is it possible to customize the mask Cls or text ("Loading...") through the AjaxMethodAttribute?

    [AjaxMethod(Mask = true)] is fantastic, but when my method is saving a form - the "Loading..." text...
  12. Thread: PasswordMeter

    by shaun
    I'll give it a go later this week... Are there any example Extension Controls that I can look at? The examples site has a "UX" folder in the tree, but it is empty...
  13. It would be great if Ext:TokenScript looked at the Ext:ScriptManager.ScriptMode flag and if ScriptMode is "Release" it minified (at runtime) any script that is inside the Ext:TokenScript block.
  14. The sample attached to is a pretty good demo of this sorting issue.
  15. Sorry to group three bugs in to one post, but they all happen in the same sample and I figured there was no point in making three posts with the same code.

    <U>Window close script error in...
  16. Thread: PasswordMeter

    by shaun
    It would be great if something like Ext.ux.PasswordMeter could be added to coolite.

    Here are a few examples:
  17. Ok, so I was actually setting the .Text value to #{GUID}... not sure how the # got there, but it was more like

    myField.Text = "#" + System.Guid.NewGuid().ToString("B");

    ... So, I'm...
  18. Sorry, I meant "Ext:TextField.Text" in the subject line... not Label.
  19. I have an ajax method that is trying to set the value of an Ext:TextField to a fully formatted GUID, and the code that processes the ajaxmethod response gives a script error:

    Expected ']'
  20. I have tried added both asp:buttons and ext:buttons to a DataView template and either way, I get an error that says: "The 'Text' property of 'Template' does not allow child objects.".

    So, is it...
  21. See the attached ComboBox extender which adds the new style class I am asking for (and also implements the interfaces described at

    It would be great if...
  22. It would be great if the Coolite.Ext.TriggerComboBox (or Ext.form.ComboBox) were extended to apply an additional style to the combobox_container while the combobox's dropdown (x-combo-list) is...
  23. I tried to make that code generic, and ended up missing one spot. The "minhost" reference in sortinfo is actually "name".

    Also, the store has remoteSort = false.
  24. I take it back... the PagingMemoryProxy seems to sort the Store's elements on a page by page basis. That is, it pages and then sorts - when it should actually sort and then page.

    Since my Store...
  25. I have had issues with sorting of elements in a DataView that seems to only appear if I associate a PagingToolbar with the store that is feeding the DataView. After a bit of looking, I found that...
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