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  1. dharamehta
    Chrome specifically blocks local file access this way for security reasons.
  2. Thanks.. its help for me!
  3. i look html code page
    1. after click button on tab with grid:

    icon view and

    <div id="toolbar-1137-innerCt" class="x-box-inner " role="presentation" style="width: 120px; height: 22px;">...
  4. i write new example from exmlple

    only add tab panel and two botton on each tab:

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

  5. Hello!
    i have grid with one column with two icon :

  6. Thanks....
  7. - ie10 -error - "SCRIPT65535: Invalid calling object "- on this print handler , but html file from this directory - ok
    - chrome pdf work - ok call dialog print,
    - ff26-27 - this error, not work
  8. Thanks.. i change my handler

    <Click Handler="App.PanelView.getBody().print();" />

    in firebug - have error :Error: Permission denied to access property 'print'

    i load pdf file from...
  9. look at this example.. but i dont know id my iframe after loader

    <ext:Window ID="wndShowDoc" runat="server" Title="" Icon="UserHome" BodyPadding="0" AutoScroll="true" TagString="iframe"
  10. i do this... first - i found source calendar JS from creator Extensible
    and 2 day read this..
    and write this :

  11. please help.. i dont know..
  12. Thanks.. its working nice!
  13. O! thanks..this work!
    but i can load time list ( free free time interval ) like var localTimes = ['8:15', '12:30', '15:00', '18:00', '18:15'] ?
    or only from ... till..
  14. for v1 i found examle, but this no work in v2 ( combobox not open - may be Store clear..):

    <BeforeRender Handler="var dateRangeField = this.down('#date-range');
  15. Hello!
    I found on forum this example - override template DayBody for restrict Time Range (Day and Week View).

    <script type="text/javascript">
  16. Hello! new Calendar in progress? we are waiting..
  17. i found - only change window on panel - and its work :

    <ext:Button ID="btPrints" runat="server" Text="Печать" Icon="Printer">
  18. Hello!
    You example for Ext 1.0
    i writing in 2.4 version - load html file from disk :

    <ext:Window ID="wndShowDoc" runat="server" Title="" Icon="UserHome" BodyPadding="0" AutoScroll="true" ...
  19. create hidden window - where show request file ( in my system has only 2 type - htm and pdf)
    win has Loader with Mode=Frame and Url -> /handler/handler1.ashx - return file with header, path and type...
  20. Hello!
    i need open document from external path my server in new window..
    on my grid i have command column and after click pass in direct event 2 param : ext ( pdf or html) and full path to them
  21. Thanks Vladimir! now its work fine!
  22. may be anybody help me? i must start edit field without clear..
  23. Hello!
    i have text field with inputMask plugin:

    <ext:TextField ID="TextField6" runat="server" FieldLabel="ClearWhenInvalid=false" Note="Always visible mask" >
  24. thanks! i found my error in web config - i have Forms authorization and catalog /ux not in list w/o auth .

    i add thid in web.config and plugin works ok

    location path="ux">
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