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  1. I add some info for dont touch language culture into client browser settings:


    <ext:ResourceManager ID="Resourcemanager1" runat="server" />


  2. Hi,

    Culture neutral error message Fixed

    I write us to explain my "bug" was by a internet explorer 8 bug, i have changed language in options to "es-ES" (i had old "es" format) and all works...
  3. Still it don't works.

    I try to test all answers but i can't solvent it.

    This week i come back to fight to fix "es" culture message with v1.5, i have work and with v1.3 i can follow the timeline...
  4. I haven't "es" any location in my solution. i found and not results.

    even I have assemblyculture to en-US at globalassemblycache.

    But, i repeat, with Ext Net 1.3 don't fails. I need lastest...
  5. When i change references to new libraries updating from v1.3 for vs2008 NonMVC and i start my project, VS ask me for a libraries ".cs" It's as if the project dont has been good compilated.

  6. Hi,

    We have a web application that uses Ext.Net 1.3 and that can be accesed throug intranet site or by internet site (in this case using https and using an accelerator).

    Our application works...
  7. Proposed syntax could be something like

    <ext:TableGrid runat="server" Table=".cssclass" StripeRows="true" />

    or even better
  8. As far as I know, the Ext:TableGrid selects its target table by id only.

    I would like to propose a new feature allowing to select tables by css class or any other selector alowed in
  9. Thanks: this its very useful;

  10. Ok. It worked for me.


    Thank you.
  11. Hello

    I'm usig a webservice to populate a dataview. I have a store that makes the call. Code seems to be ok, and the webservice returns data, but the dataview is never updated.

    What I need...
  12. I've found a problem using a Treepanel asociated to a Dropdownfield when I add them to a formPanel.

    Could you, please, check this code sample. It is based on...
  13. According to previous post, when using Ext.NET Pro Edition I should give credit to FamFamFam at any public interface on the internet, for instance including some credits page or a statement at the...
  14. Hello

    I request clarification regarding licensing of third party elements including on coolite, for instance, famfam icons available under a Creative Commons Attribution license at
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