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  1. Hi:

    I try to add the "AfterRender" event handler to a gridpanel but when I debug it I found actually the event will fired before the grid panel render on the page. Do you know what' wrong of it?
  2. Hi:

    We have a page which has a gridpanel. The user can change the value in cell and click tab button to navigate to next cell.
    In the "AfterEdit" event handler of gridpanel, we have some business...
  3. No, It put the css class on the "<div> upper level of the text "<div>

    I have to overwrite the class "ext-el-mask-msg div" to make it work although it's not a perfect one.
  4. if I want to bold the message for mask, I create a new css class

    .mask-bold-text {
    font-weight: bold !important;

    and put it in "MaskCls" in the "AutoLoad" which is like...
  5. Hi:

    I defined the "MaskMsg" for "AutoLoad" in Panel but I want to change the font size or bold. I tried to put the css class name on the "MaskCls" property but it looks doesn't work.

    Could you...
  6. I will have a look at it. Thank you
  7. Hi:

    Can you give me a example how to use remote filter plugin in MVC? The demo code is for form.
  8. How do we use remote filter in MVC model? In the controller, we can't access the store.
  9. Hi:

    We're building a web app using Ext.NET and have been tasked with adding accessibility support to it. In particular, the web app must be accessible to keyboard only users and blind people using...
  10. Hello:

    we try to load about 700 record into grid panel and found there is a performance hit for the browser. we look at the source code of the page which is Ext.Net generated and found there are...
  11. Hi:

    Generally, which accessibility standard supported by Ext.Net 1 and Ext.Net 2?
    Is there formal document describe that?
    This will decide whether the project will continue using Ext.Net...
  12. That works, thank you
  13. I try the tooltips control but it looks doesn't work
    the markup is:

    <ext:ComboBox ID="ComboBoxItemList" runat="server" SelectedIndex="0" Editable="false"
  14. That's the issue for width. Basically we have this issue when we squeeze the browser so I think we can not increase the width.
    How about tooltips? could we add a tooltips which can show full length...
  15. Hi:

    I have a ComboBox on the page and bind it with a array as data source. I have a issue that when the text in the combo box is too long. When you drop down the list, the items in the list will...
  16. Aha, I found the issue. Please I used the wrong ID. Could you please close this thread because the problem solved now?

    Thank you
  17. Hello:

    I created a CycleButton with some menu items. How can I disable the whole CycleButton? I want to use disable() in client side, but I cannot use ID to find the control. The code is create...
  18. Let me modified the project, I don't think the demo will need this libary.
  19. Yes, it needs IIS to reproduce the problem
    To reproduce the problem:
    1. launch the page
    2. select the different page size, like 'A3'
    3. click the refresh button
    then you will see the page...
  20. I got delivery failed mail.
    Is that ""?
  21. Could I send you a demo project? it's hard to duplicate just by post the code on. Thank you
  22. Yes, you are right. Thank you
  23. Could you please delete this thread? Just found the solution
  24. Hi:

    I have a scenario which needs to change the button's pressed status in client side. I checked the API document for Ext JS and found nothing about it.

    any idea?

    Thank you
  25. I see. That make sense now. Thank you
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