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  1. Hi, I managed to pass to a TreePanel a set of nodes (as a NodeCollection), with children of each node.

    I simply use the code

    Node node = new Node();
  2. Any idea about that? I really need to enable filter's submenus on columns..

  3. I have done it like that:

    public ActionResult RenderWindow() {
    List<Employee> = db.where... //build your data set
    Ext.Net.Examples.DataService ds = new...
  4. Hi,

    I saw the example at .

    I would apply the part

  5. Hi,
    I viewed examples at .
    I would know if there are news about it, and where can I find sources of samples to know how to use it.

  6. I soved passing Model and Columns via ViewData.
    Can it be a final solution?

  7. Thank you.
    I have no access to svn repo. There is a way to test it?

  8. How can I dinamically add column for model to a TreePanel?
    I found GenericCOlumnBuilder, and GenericModelFieldBuilder.
    Are them usable to do it?

  9. I will do so. Thank you!
  10. Using custom attributes, it works quite well. Anyway, I'm watching for a good architecture, so I would like to understand if using customAttributes is a good way or just a workaround.
    Should it be...
  11. Thank you.

    How can I convert a generic T Entity in a a ConfigItemCollection?

    Now I'm using

    node.AttributesObject = record
  12. I've a TreePanel (a GridPanel), where i pass data as a NodeCollection, via proxy, where fields data are declared in attributeObject (is it ocrrect?).

    Main.Models.LegDTO a = new LegDTO();
  13. App.dirCect ??
  14. Hi, I have a complete GridPanelFor, with CRUD operations and some stuff (double click on cell, etc..).
    Now I would like to have the same grid with a Tree column.

    I suppose it has to be reweritten...
  15. Well, I had a problem with the parent panel, being too small to contain the child.
    I don't know why the difference between chrome and ie..

  16. Hi,

    I made a FormPanelFor with column layout, to have a row of all fields, back-returning when there is no more space available in the container.

    I've used this code:

  17. Any ideas?
  18. Fantastic!

    Used the second solution. It works perfectly.

    Can be marked as closed.

  19. Hi,

    how can I add the RowNumbererColumn column to the GridPanelFor, since the columnmodel is automatically generated?

    If I write

  20. Ok, this is solved:

    I called a refresh of the model after the update event.
    The absence of created and updated is solved setting the id as nullable.


    The post can be set as closed.
  21. Partially solved:
    Setting the array of data directly to the value of json data, it works.

    I cannot pass more than one parameter to params object[].
    I would like to pass more value. How can I...
  22. Thank to both for the support.

    I noticed that the method expects a parameter of type StoreDataHandler, which should come from the data parameter of json..
    I do not fill a parameter of type...
  23. Hi,

    I made a GridPanel which writes changes to db via a JsonWriter.

    I used a Generic HandleChanges Method invked by a method based on reflection.

    When I save changes I get a...
  24. Ok. So I have to get directly the store via GetCmp...

    How store ID is controlled in GridPanelFor? It seems that it has not an auto-generated id...
    There is a way to have an unique, auto-generated...
  25. It doesn't find the TypeUtils class...

    I can ask for another thing, related to the conversion of the GridPanel batch sample, to GridPanelFor?
    In the controller of the sample, is used the GetCmp...
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