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  1. Currently, that feature does not exist as a setting in the Desktop component.
  2. Is your browser zoom level set to 100%?
  3. Thanks for the sample. We will investigate.

    What browser are you using and is your browser zoom level set to 100%?
  4. Maybe Desktop1.TaskBar.Hide()?
  5. The sample you provided throws an exception.

    Can you remove all the code from the sample you provided that is not directly related to the scenario? Pasting in a giant wall of code is not helpful.
  6. Can you demonstrate what you have tried so far?
  7. We have asked many many times for you to provide a simplified sample demonstrating how to reproduce the issue and we have asked that you follow the forum guidelines, but for some reason you just seem...
  8. Are you enabling this cookieless authentication with the following setting in your projects web.config?

    <sessionState cookieless="true" />

    I can't see how this would have changed between...
  9. Is the (S(nqzfybq5vi4hgzopjmpv4nmk)) part for passing a cookie identifier?
  10. Hi. We're going to need more information. Ideally you could provide enough details to reproduce the issue locally.

    If you use the browser developer tools and inspect those elements, what is the...
  11. Please try w.setDraggable(false);.

    Hope this helps.
  12. Updating to the latest release (7.0.0-preview4.1) should prevent the expiration exception.

    Hope this helps.
  13. A couple of new binding scenarios have been supported for JsObject type.

    Consider the following Direct Event handler:

    public IActionResult OnPostButtonClick(JsObject jso)
  14. With the next release of Ext.NET.Classic 7.0.0, a couple more options will be available for handing the request arguments.

    Given the same DirectEvent config:

    <ext-button text="Submit"> ...
  15. Hello,

    Maybe the following sample can help?
  16. Please use .zip.

    After .zip file is created, you can change the extension to .txt and attach to the forum post.
  17. I'm not sure I understand your request. Can you provide additional details please.
  18. Can you provide this sample that would allow us to test locally?
  19. The .css you provided looks very different from the ones shipped with Ext.NET, and I don't see any reference to 'Simplified Arabic' or even 'Open Sans' in your .css files.
  20. The sample project you provided does not build and cannot run. I was able to drop the .css and font files into another simple demo project to test.

    There are not a lot of options here. You are...
  21. HI aliabdulla,

    Please share a .zip file with your project, plus remove all files and folders from the .zip file that are unnecessary, such as the /bin and /obj folders.
  22. How about adding a button that when clicked copies the value(s) into the users clipboard?
  23. Hello,

    You can get the names of the columns from the column model of the GridPanel. Something like the following in JavaScript should work:

    Get an instance of the GridPanel component
  24. yes, unfortunately the windows will tile over the start bar, or they could be moved manually over the start bar.

    You can ensure the minimize button is enabled on the windows so they can be...
  25. Hi Dennis,

    Can you provided a simplified sample demonstrating as much of this scenario as you can. We can try to fill in the pieces that are not working.

    Some tips on creating samples for the...
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