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  1. Hello fabricio,

    Yes, I checked the editable grid example.
    Unfortunately it does not have the same functionality as EditableGrid plugin where all the cells are in edit mode, that's, the editors...
  2. Hello,

    I have been using Ext.Net v1.7 for a long time.
    Today, I decided to upgrade to the latest version v4.x and found that EditableGrid plugin does not exist.
    Is it really removed? Or maybe...
  3. It's nice to see that token parsing will be configurable in v2.1.

    Thanks Vladimir.
  4. Hi,

    The issue at the following post is not resolved in v2.
    Can you please confirm?

    NOTE: The bug is...
  5. Thanks Geoffrey.
    I have added the InputWidth property as a custom config.
    Although there are some diffrences with v1.x, it works :)

    You can mark this thread as CLOSED.

  6. Hello,

    Today I upgraded my application to Ext v2 and, unfortunately, I got so many errors that I am about to downgrade to Ext v1.5 :(
    On the other hand, I want to be able to use Ext v2's new...
  7. Solved this problem using the SubmitEmptyValue attribute:

    <ext:RecordField Name="lastChange" SubmitEmptyValue="Null" Type="Date" />

    Please mark this thread as closed.
  8. Hello,

    If the data in the data export example below

    were replaced with the following one (pay attention to null values),...
  9. Hi All,

    When the value of an item of a MultiCombo contains leading or trailing spaces that item cannot be selected, neither by mouse nor markup.
    Is this a bug or by design?

  10. Hi,

    I wonder if it is possible to have a DirectEvents property for panel tools?


  11. Hi Daniil,

    Today, I upgraded my application to Ext.Net v1.3. Unfortunately, the error/bug regarding "<!token>" token is not solved for DirectEvents. Actually, the code that you wanted me to add to...
  12. Hi,

    Finally, I found a simple solution: With each DirectEvent I also called the "addChart" javascript function to recreate the chart.
    This way, I got rid of re-binding the store to the chart,...
  13. Hi Daniil,

    Thanks for your effort.

    Unfortunately, it seems that the problem is not resolved with swf update.
    I googled and found some other workarounds but those didn't work for Firefox,...
  14. Hi,

    When I run the code below everything works fine in IE.
    In Firefox, after the directevent the gridpanel is not rendered, and the chart is not updated. After collapsing and then expanding...
  15. Hi Daniil,

    You can mark this post as CLOSED.

  16. Hi Daniil,

    Actually a few years ago I first used that syntax in my DAC library. It is not a syntax specific to SQL.
    As you know, parameter syntax differs from one rdbms to another. In Sql server...
  17. Hi Daniil,

    I didn't mention that I got this error during a direct event :(
    (It works fine during page load)

    Aspx Markup:
  18. Hi Daniil,

    I tried the following code snippets with no success :(

    txtSql.Text = "<!token>" + sqlText;
    txtSql.Value = "<!token>" + sqlText;
    txtSql.RawText = "<!token>" + sqlText;
  19. Hi,

    The SQL statement is stored in a database table. Later on, this SQL statement, with some modifications of course, is executed dynamically.
    What I want to do is to be able to edit the...
  20. Hi Danii,

    Sample added to original post.

  21. Hi All,

    Long before Ext.Net, I was using parameter place holders with a format of #{parameter_name} in my database independent data access library.
    Now, I am developing a web application with...
  22. Hi,

    htmlEditor.getValue() returns raw html code. I need to get the rendered text.
    That's, if for example raw html code is <span style='color:red'>hello</span> I need just "hello".
    Also, I need...
  23. Hi all,

    I have a panel which displays XML code in a formatted way. I want to let users select/copy this XML content with a single button click.
    TextArea has a select method but not formatting...
  24. Hi All,

    Today I noticed that I can not execute more than one DirectEvent simultaneously, even from two different pages.
    The second DirectEvent triggers only after the response for the first one...
  25. Hi,

    I'm sorry for not giving a sample in my previous post :(

    Sample html code :

    <ext:TreePanel ID="tpMenu" runat="server" Title="" RootVisible="false"...
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