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  1. What's that? I'm not using Razor but ASPX instead. Need a store sample to read data via OnReadData to work with ServerMapping and i need to post back changed data in JSON format via AjaxProxy. Is...
  2. Hi,

    Can any one give me an example in ASPX page with MVC controller?
  3. Where's experts? Please and thanks.
  4. Anyone can help? Thanks.
  5. Hi Experts,

    How to modify below ver 1 code to ver 2.

    <ext:PageProxy />
  6. Type="Load" is working!
    Thanks Daniil!
  7. Yes, i tried both ResouceManager & Page and even in web.config but all doesn't work...

    <ext:ResourceManager ID="ResourceManager1" runat="server" DebugConsole="None" DisableViewState="true">...
  8. <ext:Button ID="btnSave" runat="server" Text="Form.Toolbar.Button.Save" Icon="Disk"
  9. 需要更多的人,还有人想加入吗? 请尽快联系!
  10. Anyone can help?
  11. Hi Guys,

    I need a DateTimeField extention in latest version (1.2) of Ext.Net. Will require the source code.
    The source extjs code attached for your ref (Rename DateTimeField_x.txt to...
  12. 有兴趣的请发送邮件至
  13. Yes, i've tried use POST but still can't make it work.
  14. BaseParams gone if i set Json="true" and it's working in RC1.

    <ext:HttpProxy Json="true" Method="GET" Url="RestfulHandler.ashx/ordertype/GetPagedListView" />
  15. Hi, I met the same issue and I found if add AutoLoadParams then gridfilters will not removed (uncheck the filters). Is this a bug?
  16. Hi,

    I have same requirement, may I know it's solved in latest version or not? or we have some work-around for this?
  17. Hi,

    I have below ColumnModel in GridPanel, requirement is data will load from code-behide and we want the NumberField's MaxValue set to the original value. The problem here is I use checkUNIT to...
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