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  1. PERFECT! much appreciated.
    for future reference if you are using table layout..
    by calling the resize listener, based on 'Width' size, you can add or remove column numbers..
    Example below for...
  2. I need to change the column numbers of a table layout after resize. This would help me adjust the number of columns accordingly based on the width of screen.
  3. I have a nested treepanel nodes that continues to display empty parent nodes.
    Clicking on the expansion icon on any of the empty parent nodes properly hide the empty parents:

    <%@ Page...
  4. I managed to just put padding on it.
    I managed to center it horizontally but not vertically.
    basically I have a container (100px X 100px) and i want to literally center the icon in the middle.
  5. I'm having trouble centering an Icon - specially an iconCls in a container layout:

    <ext:Container runat="server" Width="100" Height="100" StyleSpec="background-color:orange">
  6. Alright.
    Can this thread be marked as 'Resolved'?
  7. Apologies for the missing informations.
    Replacing onclick with just ontouchstart solves the problem beautifully.

    One curious question:
    Is the event similar to (or utilized in)...
  8. Thanks for the Help.
    I did try solution #1 already (before posting) but the problem is the ext.NET select/deselect event still fires foremost first (when clicked) before my javascript code could be...
  9. I've included a code snippet.
  10. Trying to activate child event before the parents' event using [beforeselect]

    Any equivalent to "beforeselect" and "beforedeselect" listener functionality?
    It seems to be missing and I am in need...
  11. Any equivalent to "beforeselect" and "beforedeselect" listener functionality?
    It seems to be missing and I am in need of this particular functionality.
    I have a populated list and the itemTpl...
  12. We have implemented the change and it worked - specifically adding "<TabBarConfig Scrollable="Horizontal" />".
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