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  1. ok thanks.
    you can mark it as closed.
    I'll put another textbox outside the grid with a custom filter over the store.
  2. Hello.
    Referring to this example I would like to add a FilterHeader Plugin to the grid.

    I added this line


    Other columns' filter...
  3. Thanks Fabricio, AddScipt solved my problems.
    I produced a sample that works as expected.

    it consists of two pages, the frame container and the frame content.


    <%@ Page...
  4. Hi, I would like to redirect to another page once server-side function are executed, but...

    My scenario is the following:

    Page with a Window and a Button
    Button's Click opens the Window...
  5. Hello Fabricio.
    Everything is alright. I posted only for people like me which copies old solutions to new projects and starts debugging :)
  6. I tried Vladimir's code using v3.
    it works fine except for the style

    <style type="text/css">
    .bold-row {
    font-weight: bold;
  7. thank you for your hints, those will be very useful!
    great support
  8. Hi Fabricio, thanks for your reply.
    I created a simply repro-project. I don't have a window, like in your example, so a loader is missing as well.

    Here is my webform, clicking the button I would...
  9. Hi, I would like to place an icon in the MaskConfig
    I think I have to work on MsgCls property but I don't know which class I have to manage.
    I would like to fill the white in which I put a green...
  10. thanks for your reply.
  11. Hi everyone.
    I don't know if it is possible to have a generic thread about debugging, I'm interested in your opinion.

    Sometimes I get strange behaviors and relative waste of time.
    I don't have a...
  12. This way is much more than I could imagine; I'll be able to implement this override inside my little codebehind-framework.

    Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks...
  13. Thank you very much, this works like a charm.

    Is in your opinion possible to get this override in some next release?
    Should Sencha take this decision and is it possible to submit to Sencha this...
  14. Here is a sample project; in this sample I have 3 columns in store and I expect to get in console something like


    instead of

  15. Thank you for the quick answer.

    I pasted your inside a <script> block in the page as first call, and then I added the summaryFunction.

    Inside the console I get always...
  16. Is there a way to get the Column ID calling the CustomSummaryType function?
    I need to implement some runtime consideration before to calculate the summary and I would avoid to create different...
  17. Yes I do
    I inherited the ModelField to do an automatic configuration based on a DataColumn

    Imports Ext.Net

    Public Class bbwModelField
    Inherits ModelField
  18. The table definition is

    [ActivityId] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
    [OwnerId] [int] NULL,
    [CreatedBy] [int] NULL,
    [ActivityTypeCode] [int] NULL,
    [AccountId] [int] NULL,
  19. Here is another project in which editing does not work.
    To edit doubleclick the field.
  20. Hi, great idea about publishing the site.
    Well done, you can experience what happens clicking this link

    This is a test...
  21. Ext.isDate("2014-07-30T00:00:00") returns false

    maybe this helps?
  22. I am not able to reproduce the issue, but it has happened for 3rd time today.
    I built a little framework to make more productive controls and it is probably the main reason it happens...
  23. Thank you for the reply; this is exactly what I need.
    I was missing the single quote inside the FormatArgs #@#@#@#!!!
  24. Inside a gridpanel I have a Ext.Net.Column with values like 0,125 (comma is my culture's decimal separator - Italian) .
    I would like to render that values as percent.

    I tried:
    col = New Column...
  25. I'll do my best.
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