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  1. Sweet!!!

  2. Go it!

  3. I found what made the difference: mode="local". If you remove this line, and do the step said above, I wont clear the combobox.

    Do you know why mode="local" would make such difference?

  4. Hi!

    I am trying to use a removeAll on a combobox BEFORE pressing the 'V' the down arrow.

    Step to reproduce:

    1. Press clear;
    2. Press V. The data is still there.

  5. They, Microsoft, did something different. emptytext on focus works with ie6, ie7, ie8...

    I think it just ExtJs limitation.

  6. Hi!

    Is it possible to keep the empty text on focus, when no text is entered.


  7. Will do. Will make and post.
  8. Since I cant do X.Redirect, I tried with window.location. But with this, FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie and FormsAuthentication.SignOut(); wont work. (Both worked with X.Redirect. I suspect that...
  9. Yes, I understand that the lifecycle isnt executed. I just didnt understand why the X.Redirect whouldn't work, since X.Js.Add worked.


    Please, mark as closed.
  10. Hi, Buddy!

    First of all, thanks for the quick answer. :)

    Make problem is in the STATIC direct method.

    I updated your code to reproduce my doubt.

  11. Howdy,

    Is it possible to access resource manager in a static directmethod?

    I am trying to use X.ResourceManager or X.Redirect, but neither work.

  12. Thanks.

    Solved the problemo ;)
  13. Hi,

    I am able to add an alert from code behind, but I am not able to create and show a dynamic window using a static directmethod.

    Bellow is the code to reproduce.

  14. It worked fine!


    Please, as soon as possible, mark as closed.
  15. Sweet!!!

    So far so good...

    Setting the url works fine. Thanks.

    But the javascript that call the directmethod is in an usercontrol that I use in many pages, thus having different urls.
  16. Howdy!

    Static DirectMethod are showing an error message when working with routes.


    void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
  17. Please, close this thread.

    This is how I solved it:

  18. Howdy,

    When I press enter In any textfield in a ext window, it is posting (round-trip, refreshing) the whole page.

    Steps to reproduce:

    Place cursor on the textfield;
    Press enter.
  19. A little late, but better late than never.

  20. Howdy, Chief!

    I am using the ComboBox with show/hide of custom FieldTrigger from When the combo already starts with a value, the 'X' is...
  21. So far, so good :D
  22. Fixed!

  23. Hi,

    When I use a DropDownField with Mode = ValueText, the DropDownField's value is the same as the EmptyText.

    Code to reproduce bellow. Just press the button.


    <%@ Page...
  24. Now it is not working on a compositefield.

    I am wrapping all my componentes in compositefield as a temp solution.


    <%@ Page Language="C#" EnableViewState="false" %>

    <%@ Register...
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