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  1. I apologize for this. Re posted with suggested change .
  2. HI i am doing a drag drop with a dataview and drag\drop zones

    var getDragData = function (e) {
    var view = App.ImageView,
    sourceEl = e.getTarget(view.itemSelector);

  3. Hi Baidaly,

    Thanks for the reply .
    "Please, don't forget to wrap your code in CODE tag" :not sure why would you want me to wrap my code inside 'CODE' i was writing everything server side...well...
  4. i have a tree panel which does not include a root\ children in the markup.
  5. Hello ,

    I have a tree panel with a Command column. On click of the command(image) i need to get the node id\name\text on a Directevent
  6. Hi ,

    Is there a way to put custom content in the ext tools section. Requirement is that the button need to be next to title and not on a toolbar below the title .
    basically there is just 1 icon...
  7. Hello glenh

    Thanks for the reply.Actually i looked at drag zone and drop zone, and added something fo mine

    <ext:DragZone ID="DragZone1" runat="server" Target="={#{ImageView}.getEl()}">
  8. Hi
    I am trying a drag and drop from Dataview to another dataview

    basically first Dataview has multiple images and i need to drag and drop to another

    to begin with i jused drop zone
  9. SOlved .Thanks Vladamir
  10. Hi,

    I need to get the view port at the center of the page with a specefic size

    if followed one of the threads :
    <ext:Viewport ID="Viewport1" runat="server" Layout="HBoxLayout">
  11. Hi ,

    I am using the dataview like the example
    <ext:DataView ID="DataView1" runat="server"
  12. Kindly close the thread
  13. Thanks Daniil for the reply .

    i guess this did the trick ( the elements were dynamically generated , and i need a mask on the whole FormPanel )

  14. use this

    <ext:DateField runat="server" Format="M/Y">
    <ext:MonthPicker runat="server" />
  15. Use this for Version 1.0

    <ext:DateField runat="Server">
    <Ext:MonthPicker runat="Server"/>
  16. Hello , here goes my problem

    i am generating the controls dynamically at page_init
    controls are in this format
    Panel -> FormPanel's->textbox\combobox..etc

    also the Directselect handler's...
  17. Finally an answer.Salvation!!
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