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  1. Hello @Kerry!

    At around the line that reads:

    title : url,

    Replace the url variable with the title you want to the tab.

    Hope this helps!
  2. Glad we was able to help, thanks for the feedback!
  3. Hello @JCarlosF!

    Use the ColumnLines and RowLines GridPanel settings to toggle vertical and horizontal lines in the grid.

    You may also be interested in the row "stripping" effect (each row with...
  4. Hello @HenrySseki!

    Maybe this v5 example is a bit closer to what you want?

    - GridPanel > Update > AutoSave - Ext.NET 5 WebForms Examples Explorer

    But there you will only see each field...
  5. Hello again, Bbros!

    Glad it works, and thanks for the test case, it really elucidates how you didn't need to know about what happened under the hood when you included a paging toolbar. In fact, in...
  6. Hello once again, @Bbros!

    And here's a more conservative attempt, using Ext.NET's implementation of paging store that fortunately went in Ext.NET 7 albeit not directly accessible via API:

  7. Hello @bbros!

    So... Do you have handy this test case, how would it look like if you were using Ext.NET 5, using the syntax you needed for it to work previous version?

    It is true that...
  8. Hello @Bbros!

    In fact by just filtering the store in a memory proxy, you are but filtering the current page.

    What about using the GridFilters Plug In just like this 5.x example?

    If that...
  9. Hello @JCarlosF!

    In this case the radio ballots are actually an image composite of sprites. This is going to require a little more elaborate CSS skills to handle.

    In summary you need to:

  10. Thanks for the feedback, glad it was what you needed!
  11. Hello @JCarlosF!

    I have moved your second question to a separate, dedicated thread as it does not seem to be related to the first you asked here. Hope you don't mind, as this helps us keep...
  12. Hello @JCarlosF!

    Change the color of the selected radius point of what? By chance you can see any of this in one of the examples at our examples explorer?
  13. Hello again, Gidi!

    Thanks for the feedback, and let us know in case you run into issues implementing that!

    EDIT: I will mark this thread as 'closed' assuming the main issue you had is settled....
  14. Hello again, Gidi!

    Ok, don't worry, it was just in case there were multiple people on the same account -and- you did that thinking you couldn't have individual accounts. :)

  15. Thanks for the feedback, glad we could help you out on that matter in the end!
  16. Hello, Micha!

    Just in case, you can have one forum account per developer here, up to the number of developers your company is licensed for, to be added to the premium group. Just email us at...
  17. Hello @dhpatrebo, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    While we are at the welcome part, I'd suggest you to take some time to read thru our forum posting guidelines, as boring as it may sound, it is...
  18. Hello again, Dan!

    The issue with double triggering of the validation is exactly because of the fix this.valuePublishEvent = "blur".

    I have noticed that it does not interfere with the remote...
  19. Hello again, Gidi!

    It looks like in your second code block, line 12, you are building something like:

    totalDateTime(myColumnNameHere, myMultiplierIntegerHere)

    Whereas in your third code...
  20. Hello @gidi!

    Sorry for the long delay taken to respond your inquiry, but it is not really clear to me what you need here.

    If the calculation of the summary is done by that composed script...
  21. Hello again, Dan!

    Sorry I'm not posting to respond the last item left here, but we are running late with that and I felt we needed to at least keep you posted we are working on it. We still don't...
  22. Hello again, @aliabdulla, and sorry for the long delay in getting back to you!

    Apologies for I didn't understand your question the first time I read thru. You already have the confirmation message...
  23. Hello @Nmicros!

    Please contact us via so we can provide you specific license key for Ext.NET 7. And don't worry, owning an Ext.NET 5 license grants you an Ext.NET 7 one. They just...
  24. Hello @aliabdulla!

    Instead of adding the direct event straight to the add button, do add it to a window with an ok button, and display the window (you'll probably want to set it up as a modal). So...
  25. Hello again, Dan!

    I might not be able to answer all questions now but will at least cover some, and then follow later with answer for the remaining ones.

    The great overall new here is you are...
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