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  1. Using your example and using the "RowEditing" plugin, when a column is inserted the editor does not work.


  2. Someone comes up with something?
  3. Hello.

    In a project with version, I get the following error.

    d.getComputedStyle(...) is null

    I saw that being post talking about it:
  4. Hello.

    I acquired an upgrade my license (2.x -> 3.x) before January 1, 2015, and can not remember if within one year extended support.

    It is that I tried to open a thread in the forum premium...
  5. Good afternoon.

    The example works perfectly, but if I try to carry your tasks simple example does not work.

    I replaced this

    GroupField = "DueDate",
  6. Hello good morning.

    It is possible that if I have a datetime field in a store, just order by the party date without the time ??

    Thank you very much.
  7. Good.

    In the example SimpleTask I added a command that displays a window. This window has within a grid, but no data is refreshed. I show the code.

    The window opens correctly when clicking the...
  8. Thank you very much, it's a great explanation.

    But looking examples escape me some things. For example:
  9. Using the example of Simple Tasks, when I added a pager, I found malfunctioning. If I had a pagesize = 10, showed me around on the first page.

    Thinking ... sorting and grouping functions and...
  10. I answered auto

    store.Parameters.Add(new StoreParameter("categoryID", TasksGrid.SCOPE + ".getActiveNodeCategory().getId()", ParameterMode.Raw));

    A greeting !!
  11. Hello good.

    I'm trying to get a pager in the grid of example and not get it to work.

    this.BottomBar.Add(new PagingToolbar

  12. I auto answer

    tpl.Html = "<tpl if=\"groupField === 'DueDate'\">" +
    "{columnName}: {[" + TasksGrid.SCOPE + ".renderDate(]} ({[values.rows.length]}...
  13. Hello good.

    I'm trying to apply a date format to a group and can not.

    I have tried the following.

    XTemplate tpl = new XTemplate()
  14. Good Morning.

    Users who have a license for version 2.x have to buy one for version 3.x

    Thank you very much.

    A greeting !!
  15. Good morning.

    As the total number of records using RestResult indicated. It is able to use paging.

    Just as with StoreResult can be used:

    return new StoreResult(query, total);
  16. Good morning.

    I need to use the version for other reasons, and does not work for bindingRedirect.

    a greeting
  17. Good afternoon.

    I had to update the assembly version Newtonsoft.Json and I get an error

    I used the following but not working.

  18. Hello good.

    I have a problem when doing a submit form in the model has a list of objects.


    [Model(Name = "ReviewAll")]
    public class ReviewAll
  19. Hello.

    I'm using the example of organizing images.

    I need you on the server also move the image folder.

    I thought about putting the treepanel Mode="Remote" and OnRemoteMove = "RemoteMove"...
  20. Thank you very much. Works OK
  21. Thank you very much. Works OK
  22. Good.

    In the example of simple tasks, as it may change the appearance of the date appearing on the groupheader.
  23. I tested with a simple example and returns me the following error:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'SetTimeStamp' of undefined


  24. Everything is based on the example of SimpleTask

    Stops working when calling the function onAddTask, calling the method AddTask (Tasks.js)


    @using Task =...
  25. Good morning.

    I'm trying to run the method AddTaks..., ntCategory.getValue(), Ext.encode(ntDue.getValue()), {
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