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  1. Hello @jenna, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    Ext.NET does not support two versions running in the same website, although we have reports of people being able to run two versions in the same...
  2. Hello @astovall!

    It seems you didn't give the store its 'OnReadData' parameter.

    Take a look at this example, where refresh works:
    - Grid Panel > Update > SQLDataSource

    Hope this helps!
  3. Hello again @orpheus!

    This is not really a defect, but a missing feature. To often-used components, we implement syntax sugar to allow specifying a component directly in MVC Razor syntax.

    It is...
  4. Hello again, @orpheus!

    Your usage almost completely looks right; only detail on that is that you assigned the same ID to both stores. Although they share the same data they shouldn't share the...
  5. Please attach the samples under

    I will try to adapt your post to fit the guidelines.

    - Tips for creating simplified code samples
    - More Information Required
    - Forum Guidelines

  6. Hello, @orpheus!

    Sorry if the last reply didn't help much. Please make a runnable test case so we can reproduce the issue in our side and better advice you how to proceed.
  7. Hello @orpheus!

    You can assign a store to any component having a store the same way you would do to a GridPanel.

    Hope this helps!
  8. Sorry it was not clear: I meant a textarea component could be enough for you to check whether the text pasted from word is "embedding" the picture instead of placing a file:// reference.

  9. Hello @claudiacorstaors!

    I will try to briefly answer all your questions here. Point some you feel needs more elaboration on:

    Well, one way to do that would be by trial-and-error, but...
  10. Hello @craigthames,

    Thanks for sharing whats up in your environment that allows it to work! Too bad that's restrictedo to IE and a possible MS-Tools integration.

    I believe what you could do...
  11. Hello @Bogdan!

    This should work, there is something else that you're doing in the whole context that makes it not work.

    I can suggest you to simplify your case down to a very basic grid, and...
  12. Hello again, @craigthames!

    I'm afraid we can't help you much in that, you have a custom implementation on your v2 solution that allows that word document copypasting to work, and we don't really...
  13. Hello, @craigthames!

    There's no mechanism from the HTMLEditor that uploads offline images to the server. It probably can only work if the images somehow have an external URL to be pointed at.
  14. Hello @opkills!

    Isn't it that you are adding more data in a same chart than it could possibly display for the chart's area?..

    If you are providing data for something different than one entry...
  15. Hello @Z!

    Wrong documentation, the one you want for Ext.NET text fields is at

    The one you pointed corresponds to Ext JS...
  16. Hello @ojuniour!

    One important thing to bear in mind is that from the point you use <Content>, Layout should not be relied upon.

    The <Content> block gives the developer freedom to add arbitrary...
  17. Hello @tMp!

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you could find the issue nevertheless; writing simplified test cases sometimes can be difficult, but it always helps one way or another; by making...
  18. Hello @tMp!

    I'm not really sure I get the right requirements for your question, but here's what comes to me when we're talking about dirty records in Ext.NET:

    - For every dirty record you...
  19. Hello, Claudia!

    I will try to respond every of your questions below with as many details as I can think about. Hope the reading proves helpful!

    It's been a while, some years maybe, since I...
  20. Hello @claudiacostaors!

    Your profiling results are consistent. That's what to expect between Ext.NET 1 and 4.

    IE11 has not been updated for a while, at least not new features/optimizations;...
  21. Hello @Z!

    Thanks for raising this up! The method is really broken. It should be instantiating the note's DOM elements when called to a field without an initially set note.

    We've created github...
  22. Glad it helped, thanks for the feedback, @Z!
  23. Glad it helped, thanks for the feedback!
  24. Hello @claudiacostaors!

    Thanks for your interest in acquiring Ext.NET license, we really appreciate it; and the efforts already made into migrating your application to the latest version 4.
  25. Hello @Z!

    Thanks for providing the test case and steps to reproduce the issue you're facing! I hope I got it right.

    The Panel component does not actually has a Micro setting and, in our...
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