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  1. Thank you for pointing me to that example. That should get me going. You can close the thread.
  2. Hello

    I have a grid where one column displays different editors based on EditorStrategy. I would like to investigate weather it is possible to use to use a ComponentColumn instead and have it...
  3. I am experiencing the same issue mentioned in this thread. You mention a new fix instead of the override. Can you please let me know how to get it. I am using 4.3.x

  4. Hello
    I need to customize a string filter on a grid panel using Grid Plugins i.e GridFilters. When you search in a string filter it performs a contains in the string. I would like to be able to use...
  5. Hi

    Looking at your example if you hover or click on the Disabled button you will see that the tooltip does not appear. Can you...
  6. If I have a checkboxgroup defined in my razor page as such

  7. thank you. please mark as closed
  8. Is there an example on how to use negative id generator for new rows added to grid. I do have the IDProperty set to my primarykey but a user can add several rows to the grid and then save the grid....
  9. Thank you. you can mark as closed.
  10. Hello

    I have 2 grids master/detail using Association in parent store. similar to this example GridPanel - Parent/Child
    I am trying to find best practice for submitting the data for the parent...
  11. I have one issue where I use an inputmask for a textfield to format and validate a phone number. The field is not required therefore i would like to clear the mask when the user leaves (on blur) the...
  12. thank you. please mark as closed
  13. I am noticing that I can create a border layout with 2 North Regions. I think I was not able to do it in previous versions of Ext.Net. Is this allowed now. Can I expect it will continue to work in...
  14. That works for me as well. Thank you. Please mark as closed.
  15. Hi

    This is the example of the Portal Simple in mvc2 examples - and this is the same in mvc3 examples -

    If you notice in...
  16. Please mark as closed. I added a fieldset inside the column and that fixed my layout. thank
  17. Thank you. You can mark as closed I have opened a new thread. Thank you.
  18. View

    @using Ext.Net;
    @using Ext.Net.MVC;

    ViewBag.Title = "index";
  19. Thank you very much, that was the problem and I will post more complete test case. One question, when removing layout, field width is now not taking width of column. I tried to set DefaultAnchor but...
  20. I am building a formpanel from my controller. no matter what I try the labels are left aligned.

    // Panel that is returned to be added to the pop up window
    pnlContainer = new...
  21. Thank you. that is working. please mark as closed.
  22. I am building a formapanel dynamically from a controller action but it is not working properly. Can you tell me if it possible to do what I am trying to do. I have enclosed a screenshot to show...
  23. I used the following code in the grid.

    public ActionResult UserList(string containerId)

    var grid = this.BuildGridPanel()

    grid.ResourceItems.Add(new ClientResourceItem...
  24. i found a way to do it. not sure if it is right but it is working. please close.
  25. Can you suggest how to add an external js file to a controller action that is generating a grid panel. Thank you

    public ActionResult UserList(string containerId)

    var grid =...
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