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  1. just use the Colors property of the Picker element, here in the example, using code behind

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (!X.IsAjaxRequest)
  2. In version 2.x, how can I define a custom color palette for a ColorMenu item ?

    thanks in advance

    see example below

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>
  3. I think I should pass parameters to the Proxy to handle the set of data to get back as discussed here
  4. Hi Everybody,
    I'm referring to the following example

    I find that this is a very useful fast way to load data...
  5. I saw that everytime the store is reloaded through button [RelodData], due to Data Property set for the store, data are loaded twice, first with the combo value by the explicit store databinding and...
  6. Hi all,

    please consider the following modified example (Chart.Column.BrowserStats)

    I would change X axis label according to the YEAR COMBO selected value

    What should it be necessary to do to...
  7. Hi Daniil,
    any new about this thread ?
    thans in advance
  8. I set the mask to false while making the example, sorry.


    But my real issue was indeed

    So, no way to hide a mask after request
  9. I have to download a xls(or other) file from server. I would show an eventmask while server is preparing data

    i tried the following via directevent with eventmask but it doesn't show the mask and...
  10. yes, it's what i was looking for.
    Thank You very much
  11. no prob. at all, thanks
  12. yes, using the same height (50 in the ex.) for text and bar, the text fits centered but it doesn't wrap. If remove, that is the standard config, it doesn't center vertically.
    I thought using a div...
  13. Please, if possible, in a progress bar I would that a long message text wrap to the next line and text fit centered horiz and vert.
    if this is in ext context, could you give me a tip ?

    i tought...
  14. hi Daniil,

    my numbers are quite different for IE.

    73.116 for IE (it seems to be not stable while moving slowly the mouse wheel up/dwn, it passes to 73.113, 73.114)
    1.199.998 for chrome
  15. I got the following different behaviour between browsers in the subject:

    Please, consider the following example containing code aspx and code ashx (ObjectHandler.ashx) for the remote service
  16. emptyMsg... thanks

    yes resolved, you can close it !
  17. Is there a way to superseed the message displayMsg when no items have been selected ?
  18. Thanks and sorry..
    1. I' m up to date to last trunk ver.
    2. my mistake: as you can see in the image I posted before, I found the text Page Size in english. It comes from one of my resources strings...
  19. Should be enough to customize ext-lang-it.js, if possible and/or permitted ?
  20. Hi,

    Is it possible to customize the text strings of the Pagintoolbar ?

    In italian language, in previous version 'Record' was reported for 'Displaying', now 'Mostrati' (Shown) is reported....
  21. I confirm that it works, thanks
  22. Hi again,

    I couldn't get the following simple example to work after adding Daniil suggestion about whole disabling of the enter key adding AfterRender Handler.

  23. sure, many thanks
  24. Hi,

    I'm having the following issue:

    in a gridpanel, when edit a new row I would enable the key field to give it a value, when the row exists this key value is disabled to not modify it.

  25. Hi Daniil,

    I updated from and now it works.

    just to clarify
    Is the 2.2 in the branches section the official 2.2 downloadble from the site as zip file ?
    Is the...
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