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  1. Thank Vladimir.
    It's very nice.
  2. Code has been shown on #3.
  3. I'm sorry. Here is some scenes:
    [ 1.0 rc2]

    <ext:Gridpanel runat="server">
    <ext:Column dataIndex="field1" header="column1">
  4. When I'm try to update version from preview(34580) to 1.0rc2, I met a question: a Triggerfield as a gridpanel's editor,but I could't get the gridEditor object from "this" object in the...
  5. After I moved columns several times, How can I get the original Order of colmodel?
  6. Hi, everyone
    I have a problem about Dropdownlist(ddl). My ddl has a dropdown panel which is a gridpanel, I filter the gridpanel by a combobox. But when I selecting the combobox, the ddl...
  7. Thank Vladimir, it's work well. The difference between ownerCt and parentMenu is ownerCt gets a item, but parentMenu get the menu
  8. Hi everyone:
    I am writing a ext menu right now, menu's item also contain a menu...
    Now when I clicking the inner MenuItem(leaf item), How could I get it's parent Menu's item
  9. Thanks Daniil, It's work well!
  10. remove the start parameter at client

    at code behind, if(e.parameter["start"]==null){return;}
  11. Hi, everyone.
    I use the Local Paging for Remote Data to paging my gridpanel.
    Now I want to the OnRefreshData event don't fire on the page load, only when I clicking the paging button or using...
  12. I need a pagingtoolbar only with the previous/next buttons and a infotext, hide the first/last buttons, How can I hide these buttons?
  13. Thanks Daniil. Sorry to replyed so lately. At last, I submit all records in store to server side, and Judge which is added or updated by whether it has ID or not.(when adding, ID is generated at the...
  14. My Problem like this:
    1. Gridpanel with a pagingToolBar, whose pagesize is 10.
    2. First time, Girdpanel1.getStore().datasource = myDataTable1; // (rows.count=11);
    3. Go to the second...
  15. Hi everyone,
    My GridPanel load records dynamically at client side, when I save GridPanel, I can't get Created json at store's OnBeforeStoreChanged event.
    code like this:

    DataTable dt = new...
  16. How can I catch the enter key pressed when editing gridpanel
  17. How to add a menuItem to GridPanel header menu?
  18. Hi everyone, my gridpanel has many columns, about 60+, when I want to hide/show some columns by click headerMenu>columns, the columns list sliped. I tested some times, found that when my page has...
  19. Is someone kown how to do, or tell a way to get it?
  20. menuItem1.Listeners.Click.Fn = "js";
    menuItem1.Listeners.Click.Handler = "js";
    menuItem1.DirectEvents.Click.Event += new ComponentDirectEvent.DirectEventHandler(
    (object cender, DirectEventArgs...
  21. Hi everyone. When editing gridpanel, how could I to move to next editor(at one row) with enter key, just like I press tab key?
  22. My page have a tabPanel, which contains many iframes.
    Now I want to change theme dynamically, but there is a problem: after I changed theme, tabs(iframe) had been opened before change theme changed...
  23. Thanks vladimir. It work well:)
  24. Thanks, after registered at server side, How could I write javascript code to create multiCombo. I tried this "new Ext.form.MultiCombo();" which still not works:(
  25. Hi everyone, I want to create multiCombo with javascript code dynamically.

    var setEditor = function (e) {
    var grdEditor;
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