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  1. Seems like the same issue is in version 5.0. The strange thing is that the opposite direction is only in Ext.NET, not in ExtJs (demos). I have some user interfaces which are heavily dependent on the...
  2. Ext.NET 4.8.1

    When using mouse wheel in number fields, the behavior has changed. Earlier when scrolling up, the value in the field would increase, and when scrolling down, it would decrease. In...
  3. It's working! :)

    Thank you for the very fast response and fix!
  4. There is a warning though, I don't know if it has to do with the issue:

    [W] XTemplate evaluation exception: Cannot read property '$className' of undefined
  5. Also, this example is broken:
  6. I found that this is causing it:


    Removing this line, and all data shows. So it has to do with the CheckboxSelectionModel.
  7. Strange, the paging toolbar says "Displaying 1 - 3 of 3".

    Checking the HTML, all the rows are empty.

    Is it a known issue?
  8. Any plans?
  9. For the reference, what I did was I linked to online font awesome stylesheet and put the classes in the treenodes. Icons are showing fine if I disable the style in the attached image. But I found no...
  10. By the way. It is better not to wire up external icons, because they will cause conflicts.

    For example the version of FontAwesome icons that is wired up with the Triton-theme is not complete. So...
  11. Will there be an update of Ext.Net mobile ?
  12. Thank you for the clearification. I was just curious. The lightweight widget is just what I need.

    By the way, the expander-icons seems to disappear when using other themes than Triton.
  13. That is the good news that I have been waiting for!

    I am testing the component now, but I cannot find a Render-listener like on the other components. Is this by design or is it going to come?
  14. Any news on this?
  15. Here's an example scenario:
    A panel inside a window has a drop-down menu inside it.
    We move the panel to a different window.
    Then the drop-down menu appears behind the window.
    If the first...
  16. I have now tried to return false on all focus-events on TreePanel and it's TreeView, but with no luck.

    .Listeners(l=> {
  17. Is it possible to remove the blue rectangle around focused/clicked/selected row in a treepanel or gridpanel?
  18. Now I suddenly get a bunch of these errors:

    ItemTag validation (_tkn_3): Reference token ( was not found.
    ItemTag validation (_tkn_1): Reference token...
  19. Is there a way to add items to a container (Panel for example) by using RenderBody in a layout view?
  20. I am using Ext.NET 4.2 and Ext.NET.Mobile 4.1. I pointed to the DLLs directly without using Nuget package.

    Here are the config sections:

    <extnet scriptMode="Release"...
  21. I actually got it working by setting cleanResourceUrl="false" on both configs (extnet and extnetmobile).

    ( And handling some conflicts in namespaces by using includes and mvc-areas )

  22. Ok. Looking forward to version 4.2.
  23. I am using a TreePanel with locking:

    var x = Html.X();
  24. Seems like itemlongpress is no longer defined, but regarding the Extjs documentation it should be there.
  25. Any news on this? Do you know when 4.2 for mobile will be released?
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