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  1. Hi,
    How do I add a row in a gridpanel:
    I would like to add a row like in the tutorial "Update / SqlDataSource" but I'm not the blank row appears ready to be filled at the beginning of gridpanel...
  2. Thanks a lot Daniil,
    is perfect code
  3. exists a method to disable a Tab control TabPanel like this :


    instead of setActiveTab something like setDisabledTab for example

    Thanks a lot...
  4. Thanks Geoffrey, I was wrong, it's perfect
    thank you very much
  5. Hi geoffrey,
    thanks a lot for the reply,
    but i execute the


    from one .aspx page loaded into Tab2 with Autoload Panel's property and I get an error with...
  6. Hello everyone
    in some forum posts I've seen a javascript to add a Tab in a TabPanel of a Child page.
    I would like only to activate the tab, please can you help me?
    Let me explain my situation:...
  7. Hello,
    i have a tabpanel in default page, in tab 1 load "HomePageSanca.aspx" as you can see and in tab 2 a user registration page "RegistrazioneUtente.aspx".
    In registration page i have a asp net...
  8. Sorry it's true, I have exaggerated
    Hello everyone and thanks
  9. Hello everyone,
    I have a small problem with the resize a column layout, I have a page with a viewport that has the panels north, south, west and center.

    <form id="form1"...
  10. I have a problem to align and position one ImageButton and one textbox for searching in the site.
    I tried a thousand times and searched the forum but the solution did not succeed.
    The problems are...
  11. Is possible to add text to the bar of the North region of a viewport?
    I would like to add "open / close" text near the button Collapsible

    Thanks a lot
  12. Thanks a lot Daniil , (My brother called Daniil, translated into Italian Danilo)
    it's works perfect
    I thank you and Congratulations!
  13. Daniil Hello, I tried the code that I've suggested, and the cells are stained red, but the plugin RowEditor does not work anymore .could be easier to change the background of the entire row instead...
  14. Hello everyone, I have a gridpanel with 2 columns that contain a ceckbox, I would change the background color of the checkbox checked on the load cell data.
    the gridpanel have RowEditor plugin this...
  15. Thaks a lot Vladimir,
    was a bit of time that I don't developed with ext and I was using version 1
  16. Hi ,
    It seems incredible, but in explorer the DateField control displays half calendar
    does anyone know how to fix this error?
    (IE sucks)
    Thanks a lot
  17. Ok i will wait
    thanks Daniil
    (ps:My brother has the same name as your)
  18. Hello,
    the new calendar Component , I would very much, is not recognized, maybe I have to download a new version?
    I missed something?
    Thanks a lot everyone and to Geoffrey
  19. It works in compatibility mode
  20. Hello everyone,
    I installed Eplorer 9, but I can not expand the tree examples of Ext.Net
    Has anyone encountered the same problem?
    Thanks a lot
  21. was what I wanted, sometimes I drown in a glass of water
    Thanks a lot
  22. Hi ,
    What is the event triggered when you click on a tabpanel?
    I tried TabChanged but does not seem to me to be the one
    This is the code:
    When step on this Tab

    <ext:panel id="pnlClassic"...
  23. Hello,
    I have a Tabpanel with 2 Panel, then 2 tab, when step from the first tab to second Tab with click on Tab
    I would like that the datalist in the second panel make binding to sqldatasources...
  24. Hi,
    Is possible to add image into Notification - Content functionality?
  25. Hi ,

    I'm doing the tutorial Element\Layer in visual and that returns an error that says :

    "Tools property is read only"

    does anyone know why?

    Ps:How do I post the code now?
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