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  1. Thanks. You can mark this as solved.
  2. I'll try that, but the most pressing problem right now is that the renderer is getting a null value.
    Fixing the off-by-one issue doesn't change it.
  3. I used the following as a starting point:

    I'm trying to control how certain columns' data get's visually truncated....
  4. I want to bind a store to a dictionary using the keys as the data indexes. Is this possible?
  5. Using ValidateEdit instead of AfterEdit seems to work. Is there a way to keep it from leaving edit mode and resetting the field values?
  6. While I do get an error message with this method, the row is still committed. How do I prevent that from happening? Ideally, I would like to stay in edit mode until it validates.
  7. How can I set the error message on the client side while handling an AfterEdit event on a grid panel?

    I can see that I need to return true or false based on the validation, but It's not obvious...
  8. For some reason, it didn't apply to this example, but taking Layout="FitLayout" off of the inner panel fixed the issue for my "real" page.
  9. Hmm. Yeah, I had .LoadContent() in my "real" page, but I was getting a javascript error when it was trying to call getLayout() on the panel. I don't think I can produce a sample that will get that,...
  10. I have a user control that I'm trying to embed in a tab panel. The user control is basically just a panel that autoloads a page. If I squash this into a single page and remove the extraneous panel,...
  11. Ok, If I change it to .Split(vbLf) it works. That still doesn't explain why vbNewLine works on the other page.

    Do TextArea controls return the text delimited by \n in all cases? It seems like the...
  12. This sample seems to have to same problem. When I input more than one line, I only get one alert with all lines.

    <script runat="server">

    Protected Sub SubmitButton_Click(sender As...
  13. The funny thing is, I have 2 pages where I'm doing something similar. The first page works when splitting on newline, but this one doesn't.
  14. I have a TextArea field that has multiple lines. When I go to split the .Text property by newline, I see that the text is just all the lines as a single line separated by spaces.

    I'm using an...
  15. When you say to use DirectMethod for dynamic controls, what, specifically, do you mean?
  16. I don't think I understand how this will help me. Wouldn't I still have to deal with rendering everything in the user control?
  17. What if my control contains a few windows and a couple of other user controls. Do I need to render everything? Is there a way to encapsulate all of the stuff in the control so i can render them at...
  18. The user control just contains a window. Unless I'm mistaken, shouldn't the layout of the window be handled within the control.

    Essentially what I have is a container on my main page and during...
  19. One problem that I'm having with loading controls dynamically is that they seem to be so brittle compared to loading them the normal way. The control I'm trying to make this work with looks...
  20. ok, that fixed my css issue. I'm going to try to fix my sample so that it illustrates the databinding problem that i'm having.
  21. I have this in a global stylesheet (none of this seems to affect the control):

    .x-grouptabs-panel .x-grouptabs-expand {
    background-image: none !important;

  22. I'm trying (very unsuccessfully) to load a user control during a direct event. The control itself binds a couple of combo boxes on the initial page load, and then I have some data binding going on in...
  23. My mistake. You're right.

    Thanks again! :)
  24. This is a sample control that should illustrate it. I know that the handler in this case will not work, but I think it illustrates what I'm trying to do.

    <script type="text/javascript">

  25. I apologize. Either I'm not understanding what you're suggesting, or I'm not properly communicating what I'm trying to do.

    I'm trying to make it so that my user control's javascript will not...
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