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  1. Ok thanks

    This is my final markup, in order to display tooltip in each grid on the page ( I hae about 20 of them)

    <ext:ToolTip runat="server" Html="Select All on current page">
  2. OK
    thanks for reply after internal discussion we decided to go with "select page" only

    Is there a way to add tooltip to the select all checkbox (the on in top left corner) saying "Select...
  3. Hello

    For sample code I just need to borrow this one :

    my problem is that "select all " checkbox select just active...
  4. Ok thanks,

    Live search plugin seems to be a solution for my problem, thanks for pointing to that ( and thanks for all parallel answers too).
    Not sure how it works on first reading, but if I need...
  5. Hello

    I'm little confused why you are mentioning Mvc in previous reply
    I'm nto using Ext.Net MVC ( otherwise I would be in bad forum no?)

    I'm adding just controller attribute and on my form it...
  6. Hello

    Just a queston about right direction to further investigation.

    If I take your example :

    would it be possible to have highlighted...
  7. Hello

    I'm sorry you got the parse error - I tried on two vistual studio versions on standalone projects and it works fine for me.
    Can I please ask what error says?

    I createt my sample from the...
  8. Ok clear enough, feel free to close this thread

  9. Hello

    I have a problem with component column, narrowed town to the example below

    could you please explain me why bind event is called two times for first item in the grid?
    any next item added,...
  10. Ok - using css sounds like a good idea, thanks

    is it possible to set text of link ( ie Text property of the GridCommand) to something "dynamical" - i'e. according Grid record data ?
  11. Hello

    I have generic question, just looking for direction for further investigate
    we would like to have grid with couple of columns and first column would be a link ( i.e would look like...
  12. Hello

    I see this in more our applications, using different versions ( 4 or 5 in general), example below taken from 5.2.0

    Code Below is shortened version to single page of what...
  13. Hello

    I apologize for generic question (so likelly I will get generic answer)

    I'm trying to "connect"
    with ...
  14. Hello

    The example below is reproducible , but just on SOME computer (means not all, so far I found just single problematic.
    Are we doing something wrong with Culture or somth like that?
  15. ok perfect, clear and undestable,
    thanks a lot, please close this thread
  16. Hello, is there a way how to display window from the top of the page?

    probably best if you check this example

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <!DOCTYPE html>
  17. OK thanks

    I would like to avoid using rendered,as that would means doing everything in html (means stretching of the components, preparing html)

    I'm not sure i understand what data mock you are...
  18. I would like to have two component columns, whole with nuch of controls, that would be displayed according some logic
    "some logic means" that if value is equal to predefined value, only some of...
  19. Ok, thanks for tps, feel free to close this thread

    Just a feature request - would it be possible to add TypeNameHandling to the DirectMethod attribute in future?

    I will go with strings as you...
  20. Ok

    here is bit wider example

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <%@ Import Namespace="System.Threading" %>
    <%@ Import Namespace="System.Collections.Generic" %>
    <%@ Import...
  21. Hello

    if I understand correctly, the objects passed through the direct methods are (de)serialized using JSON.GlobalSettings setting.
    I can change values in this setting in order to modify ...
  22. Thanks for help, the answer was perfect - it was causing issue
    (even I wonder that I do not have that many records as you described)

    Sorry for bit longer example, its still much shorter then the...
  23. Ok thanks

    Here's the page

    click the buton few times and error will raise ( not sure why in my real application it popup every time)

    I guess something is wrong with class definition, but I...
  24. Hello

    Thanks for reply and explanation, you can close this thread

    Would be great to have lazy mode fixed ( and even better if there is some "global" serialization option to serialize everything...
  25. Hello

    If I take following js config

    Ext.define('TestControl', {
    alias: 'widget.EDMSAdmin_DynamicControls_User_TestControl',
    height: 500,
    hidden: true,
    __renderTo: null,
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