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  1. Thanks, setting maxColumns to 5 had the desired effect.


  2. The following code fragment should display a Dashboard component where the 5th column (the one that contains 'Widget 5') should span the entire width of its container. However, instead it only spans...
  3. Fabricio

    Yes, it did help. I ended up attaching a JavaScript listener to the button click event, and using the listener to trigger the submission of a HTML form element on the page that invoked...
  4. How would a file download that is initiated via a DirectEvent work in Ext.NET v7?

    This forum post explains how it worked in a previous version. I can't find any 'IsUpload' property for a click...
  5. Thanks, removing Live Reload fixed it
  6. How to reproduce:

    Create a new Ext.NET Core web application from a developer command prompt using the command 'dotnet new extnet'
    Change one of the pages (e.g. GridPanel.cshtml.cs) to throw...
  7. Thread: MultiCombo

    by plok77
    Thanks, we'll take a look at the Tag component and see if it meets our needs.
  8. Thread: MultiCombo

    by plok77
    Ext.NET v5 Web Forms had a MultiCombo control ( which operated like a combo box but with multi-select capabilities. What's the equivalent to this...
  9. Is it possible to add a new part to a Ext.JS dashboard instance at runtime? Without having to destroy the current instance and create a new instance in its place?

    We want to allow users to...
  10. Thanks, I was able to work around the problem by defining the store inline in the chart, and assigning it a store id so that it could be referenced by the grid. This solution works so I think I'll...
  11. Thanks, adding
    this.GetCmp<CartesianChart>(string.Empty); ensured that the chart script was loaded. The page will always contain at least one chart, so this seems like the best approach.
  12. I tried the approach of using a loader, as per the example recently added to the Ext.NET 7.2 Examples Explorer. However, I'm having a problem when one of the controls that I am attempting to...
  13. Thanks, I'll take a look at the examples you have mentioned
  14. Fabrício

    The following two pages from the 5.3 Examples website were of interest:
  15. Fabrício

    Thanks, I tried your approach using View Components and this works. One further question: can Ext.NET partial and section components be created in code-behind? Or can they only be added...
  16. Fabrício

    Thanks for your reply. I read the blog post about Partial components that you linked to, however, I can't see how I can use them to achieve what I am trying to do.

    I'm trying to...
  17. I'm trying to figure out how to do Partial Page Rendering in Ext.NET 7, as per the example on the 5.3 examples site:

    Can a Razor...
  18. I have the following partial view

    @model TMSWeb.ExtNETCore.Pages.Shared.FlagsPartialModel
  19. Thanks, will do.
  20. Towards the end of last year I was undertaking an evaluation of Ext.NET 7, and had set up a VS solution which used a trial version of Ext.NET 7.2. I then had to put the evaluation on hold to work on...
  21. Geoffrey

    Thanks, I was able to get things working by setting the RequestRoot property as per the other post. I'll await the next release where this is fixed.


  22. I've created a sample website using the 'Ext.NET Classic Mvc Application' project template. When I run this website using Development-Time IIS debugging support, links to the core ExtNET scripts are...
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