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  1. Unfortunately, Ext.NET 7.3 does not have a scheduled release date.
  2. The Spotless Theme is bundled within Ext.NET Classic v7 and a separate download is not required.

    Spotless is not included with Ext.NET Legacy v5 and not officially supported... but Spotless...
  3. Hi Hrishi,

    Spotless Theme takes a much more modern approach to application styling than the old Ext JS themes. Consequently, larger fonts, increased padding, and more whitespace is used throughout...
  4. Hi Hrishi. We're still working on some samples and hope to be able to share today.
  5. Hi harvca,

    I apologise for the issues in sending your v7 license key. I have followed up by email with your new v7 license key.

    For some reason, Google flagged the emails as Spam and we...
  6. The http URL's will automatically redirect to https.

    The following URL should return a 404. That is the expected result.

    Because, there is nothing at...
  7. Sorry about that. For some reason our site monitoring tools did not pick up that the site was down. It's back up now. There was an issue with our AWS configuration, but it's fixed now.
  8. Hi. Please send an email to with the request and we will be able to issue an extended trial license.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Unfortunately, with the current release of Ext.NET Classic v7, the <ext-avatar> component is not supported. We do plan to include <ext-avatar> and <ext-avatarGroup> in an upcoming release.

    Hope this helps.
  11. Hi Fla,

    You have been sent an email with your Ext.NET Classic v7 License.

    The license key can be set in your app using the following instructions:
  12. There are issues in Ext.NET Classic v7+ with implementing your approach. We are still investigating and will figure out a solution.
  13. Hi PascuV,

    You are likely using an Ext.NET 4x license key in an Ext.NET 5x application. Downgrading the app to any version of Ext.NET 4.x should solve the issue.

    Another option is purchasing a...
  14. Hi. Thanks for the code samples. We will investigate and work out how this technique would be accomplished in Ext.NET Classic 7+.
  15. Thanks for the update.

    Just as a quick follow-up for anyone reading this thread in the future, installing the Ext.NET Templates and running the dotnet new extnet-mvc command will quickly setup...
  16. Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the feedback regarding Spotless.

    Unfortunately, there is not a way within Ext.NET configuration(s) to customize the theme color(s), although than setting variant per...
  17. Hi. I was able to run the sample you provided [basically] unchanged in Ext.NET Classic v7.2.0 on .NET 5.0.

    Here's the diff,

    The only diff I ran into was...
  18. I tested your last regex and it doesn't appear to match the cases in your requirements.
  19. Hi. Can you provide the regular expression that you are using? The regular expression is used by the component to validate the input, so if the regular expression you are using captures those values,...
  20. What theme are you using?
  21. We are working on the Ext.NET Classic 7.x API documentation right now and will be publishing to as soon as we have available.
  22. Hi Geovision,

    This would just be standard ASP.NET functionality and not directly related to Ext.NET. You should be able to use whatever technique you would use in a non-Ext.NET app.
  23. Thanks for the update.

    As mentioned above, those links in the sidebar menu are not managed by Ext.NET or Ext.NET components, so you can just use whatever technique you prefer. Any page linking or...
  24. In _Navigation.cshtml, replace the <a> tag with the following @Url.Content(...) call:

    // Old
    <a href="@item.Path" class="@(cls)">

    // New
    <a href="@Url.Content(item.Path)" class="@(cls)">
  25. Can you try adding the following path with the ~ application root relative path instead?

    // Existing
    new NavItem("Dashboard", "/", "dashboard"),

    // Revised
    new NavItem("Dashboard", "~/",...
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