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  1. I just received notification when anup posted his reply. (had no notifications for long time)

    Anyway I think that we are upgrading to latest version of EXT in few days/weeks but I think that...
  2. Is there any progress on this.
    We would prefer if we don't need to use the tweak that I have implemented.
  3. Good point.
    I was trying to explain with our project but I think that new project in VS2013 with WebForms and Mvc selected would have same issue.
  4. Hi Vladimir

    It is great that fully supports WebForms makes me trust more in our workaround.

    Sorry but we don't have simple template.
    Maybe you can try with this code although I am...
  5. Hi Vladimir.

    First thank you for bearing with us :)

    Before going more into this could you please answer this question
    Do you know if there are any side effects in using Ext.Net.MVC nuget...
  6. As I said we have hybrid setup
    WebForms aspx pages are not processed by mvc engine (we are not using them instead of razor views if that is what you think), they have code behind and they are going...
  7. This might clarify situation that we have (or make it more confusing).

    - WebForms application was using Ext.Net library.

    - WebForms application was modified to support MVC...
  8. Thanks for helping with this.
  9. Sorry if this was not clear enough.
    Problem is that we can't determine if field is read only or not using its readOnly property.

    Here you can see that txtField.readOnly property is always true....
  10. Hi

    We had some issues with setting fields readonly - I saw similar posts and I am not sure if it is solved already.

    Issue is related to override of setReadOnly for form field
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