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  1. EXT.NET v4.8.2

    The bug/inconvinience happens when the user types in the filter and stops for a little and then types another letter.
    The new letter is "deleted" when the store is refreshed,...
  2. Thank you, @fabricio.murta !

    This workaround works perfectly!

    This is how the override looks like:

    onTypeAhead: function () {
  3. I have tried ForceSelection="false" (or just removing ForceSelection - false is by default)
    but the behavior remains the same with one exception: all entered text is accepted,
    which is not...
  4. I'm using Ext.Net v.4.8.1.

    I want to select the auto completed text and not the selected list item.
    How can I achieve that with the AnyMatch="true" functionality still enabled...
  5. Hi @fabricio.murta,

    None of the three removals were an option for the real project online.
    I had to make a workaround/temporal fix.

    I save the state of each filter before load click and then...
  6. I'm using EXT 4.8.1.
    Using: GridFilters plugin and specifically a dateFilter

    The load of store causes wrong values for DateFilter and deselects filter checkboxes(before,on,after)
    I'm using a...
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