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  1. Thank you, it works.

  2. Hello,

    I have a problem with setting value "NULL" (as text) to ComboBox. I think it is a bug.

    A workaround is to add "null" (lowercase) to the combobox list (and then set Value = "null").
  3. Hello

    Is there a way to add custom MenuItem to a GridPanel's header menu (as shown in the attached image)?

    In version 1.7 of Ext.Net I used following example:...
  4. Thanks for the reply, the workaround You proposed works well. I apologise for the delay.

    Best regards
  5. Hello

    I migrated my code from Ext.Net 1.7 to 3.3 and noticed that when a gridpanel is placed into a tabpanel, the gridpanel's top toolbar is not displayed (so tools are not available to a user).
  6. This helps :) Thank you.

    Best regards
  7. Hello fabricio.murta!

    Thanks for your reply, finally I defined column as ModelFieldType.String. The only disadvantage is that the filter behaves as a string filter (it isn't possible to filter...
  8. Hello

    I have problem with filtering rows using FilterHeader plugin when type of ModelField is ModelFieldType.Auto and column contains numbers.

    When I type in something in the filter field, an...
  9. Hello fabricio.murta, thanks for your reply.
    In my case I actually need to call a direct-method by AJAX as you mentioned (to save data from form to DB), but I don't know how many fields is placed on...
  10. Hello

    Is there a way to send a value of hidden field (TextField) to the server using HttpContext.Current.Request.Form?
    Please examine following code, in the send_form() procedure,...
  11. Thanks for the reply.
    I used DirectEvent instead of DirectMethod but it didn't solve the problem. Then I investigated my code and found a funny bug.
    There was a:

    ExtNet.AddScript(this.ID +...
  12. Hello

    I have a DirectMethod-function that executes approx. 5 minutes. Called from javascript it causes that after about 30 seconds browser "freezes". In IE there is a message "xyz is not...
  13. If the problem described above is not a bug please close the thread.

    I found solution: RowMouseDown.Handler
  14. Hi,

    I use GridPanel with defined MouseDown.Handler in code-behind.

    grid1.Listeners.MouseDown.Handler = " alert(e.button); ";

    I've noticed it is always fired twice. How to avoid it?
  15. Hello,

    Can somebody share the article & source code from 1st post?

    I would be gratefull.

  16. Now it works fine, thanks.
    I need to get used to CSS.

  17. Hello

    I've noticed strange behaviour of setting additional CSS style via TextField .Cls property.
    In my example, once the "required" style is set, other style ("readonly") cannot be set (there...
  18. It is OK now, thanks.
  19. Hello,

    I've created custom TextField with overriden Value property.
    When I try to set new value (or .Text) during Direct-method, there is not effect at the client (browser).

    When the Text...
  20. Good idea :)
    It also made my code simpler. Thanks.
  21. Hello,

    Is there a way to chage a store (for example in ComboBox) from DirectEvent (codebehind) ?

    In my example I have one combo-box, 2 buttons and 2 stores. should load and...
  22. I'm sorry for creating confusion. There is no difference between these pieces of code.

    In my "working" example I had:

    button1.Listeners.Click.Handler = "#{panel1}.disable();"; ...
  23. You're right, thanks.

    Today I've learned what is the difference between:

    button1.Listeners.Click.Handler = "#{panel1}.setDisabled(true);";
    button1.Listeners.Click.Handler +=...
  24. Thanks for the suggestion :)

    The aim was to disable the panel before long lasting data processing (panel loading) so I did:

    public void disable_panel()
  25. Hello,
    Is there any way to disable a control (Panel, GridPanel, Window etc) just before firing direct-method?

    I'm trying to achieve in my sample code:
    - When the button is clicked, the panel...
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