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  1. Thread: SwfUpload

    by mrd
    Could someone help me?
  2. Thread: SwfUpload

    by mrd

    I am trying to run example:

    But get following error message:
    Something went wrong while loading SwfUpload. If this were a real...
  3. How to populate tree nodes from server side? I am trying to convert nodes ToJson but method seems not working.

    TreeNodeCollection nodes = new TreeNodeCollection();

    TreeNode root =...
  4. Wondering how to use ContextMenu (BrowseMenu) when we right click an item in the following treepanel?

    <ext:Menu ID="BrowseMenu" runat="server">
  5. I confirm, the fix works for me. Many thanks.
  6. Hi,

    I am using FileUploadField in my test application. But when I upload a file it clears the whole page.

    To reproduce the problem, please follow:

    1. Go to...
  7. Hello!

    The project is to replicate following EXT.NET library desktop example and build a generic desktop.

    You will read a xml file...
  8. Fixed it by using Maximum.

    <ext:NumericAxis Fields="Count" Grid="true" Title="Number of batches" Minimum="0" Maximum="100">
  9. Hi,

    Please see screenshot of a ColumnChart.


    Is it possible to make the column a lot smaller in height when its values are low.

    For example, if you see in the screenshot on the side...
  10. Thread: License

    by mrd

    I want to buy license for Ext.NET 2.

    Can I also use Ext.NET 1.x commerically after purchasing license for Ext.NET 2?

  11. Hi,

    I came to know from following that it is not possible to use CycleButton in Gridpanel.

    Okay. I know it should be possible to...
  12. Hi,

    I came to know from following that it is not possible to use CycleButton in Gridpanel.

    Okay. I know it...
  13. Hi,

    I was wondering if it possible to use CycleButton in Gridpanel as ColumnCammand used in following examples?

    I will thankful for...
  14. Hello,
    Please consider following code. Could you please help me to know why it does not focus the gridpanel once it finish executing the direct method.

    I have also tried following in B.aspx.cs
  15. Thanks Daniil.
  16. Hello,

    I want ALL textfields with background other than white. How to change the background color?

    x-textfield-background ?

  17. Thanks a lot.
  18. Yes, how to change text before calling the startEdit method? Could you please provide an example?

  19. Hi,
    Following example is from . Once I click the edit menu it enables me to edit the selected node.

    I wonder is it possible to remove...
  20. Hi,
    I am also using HttpHandler in my application to load images. My application works like this:

    1. All the images titles are displayed in the GridPanel along with button "View".
    2. When the...
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