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  1. Hello again!

    I have a problem, this same structure ( I have a grid in...
  2. closed topic
  3. Thanks for help Danill!

    It?s Work!

    listeners: {
    afterrender: {
    delay: 1,
    fn: function () {
  4. Hi Danill,

    Unfortunately it did not work, I did as you suggested, I removed the border layout of 'bodypanel' but it is not even shown the actual height of both the panel and the dataview.

  5. Using this way of example really would work in this case:

    xtype: 'panel',
    title: 'test bodyHeight: ' + Ext.getCmp('bodypanel').getHeight(),
  6. This is the problem:

    In my application, I have panels with fixed sizes, however I have a panel (BodyContent) which change the content according to user action and its content comes from a...
  7. Hi Daniil!

    Works... My fail... sorry about this...

    Thanks a lot for your help
  8. Hi Daniil! I deleted the old attachments, in link that you suggested.. thanks a lot!

    Referent the problem with emptyText in IE10, I understand that the issue occurs only in my project.

    In this...
  9. Hello,

    Today, after performing the update of the code via SVN (, previous version 5621 to 5648, on show the GridPanel, got the error is attached.

    Please could...
  10. OK! thanks a lot for your help, Daniil!
  11. Hi!

    Before I update my sources with last trunk version of svn, when I called the method reconfigure, the property 'columns' of my grid was filled with columns that I set in reconfigure method. I...
  12. Hi!

    I get a little problem with a empttext of textfield, in IE10.
    When I set the property inputType to "password", the emptyText appears with * (asterisk)...

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  13. Works!
    Thanks Daniil!
  14. Anup... thanks a lot for your post!

    I solved my problem converting a date for a string in my objects before return this objects in my webservice... Just like you mentioned.

    Works very fine.
  15. Ok!

    I will follow the trail that you showed to me!

    Thanks a lot, Daniil!!!
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